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What’s The Best Ceramic Heater For An RV?

Ceramic heaters can be a great choice for RV owners to use in cold weather.

Why ceramic?

  • Ceramic heaters are small and lightweight, which is certainly relevant in an RV.

  • They are easy to maneuver around your RV.

  • Ceramic space heaters are inexpensive and easily attainable.

  • Lastly, many come with the safety features you want when using one in your RV.

Portable heaters draw a lot of power, so being conscious of your power source is important when deciding to use a portable heater as a heat source.

Regardless of your camping style and power source, it’s wise to keep a small space heater packed somewhere in your rig.

Besides, you’ll find yourself in all kinds of different situations while traveling in your RV and a space heater might be your best solution to supply hot air.

No, I’m not full of hot air. I speak from experience since we were full-time RVers for two years and are now part-time RVers.

The same ceramic heater has followed us from our first travel trailer and now resides in our campervan.

So with that established, let’s briefly look at the types of space heaters and then figure out the best space heater for your RV.

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Electric Space Heaters And RV’s


Nice to have gear

Our smallest space heater could run off our Bluetti.

By default, the first concern with portable RV heaters, or any space heater for that matter is safety.

You and I both know this, so there’s no need to spend a lot of time on this section.

Besides that’s not why you clicked on this article.

If it piques your interest or you’re concerned about the safety of a space heater in your RV, you can learn more in my article:

Can You Safely Use An Electric Space Heater In An RV?

Let’s briefly review the types of space heaters and why I like ceramic space heaters as a supplemental heat source for your RV while traveling.

Types Of Portable Electric Heaters

Several types of space heaters can safely be used in your RV.

The following are the most suitable depending on your circumstances.

  • Ceramic Space Heaters: Uses electrical resistance to heat a ceramic plate that in turn heats the surrounding environment.
    Our ceramic heater is our “go-to” when traveling in our RV to offset the draw on our propane tank.

  • Portable Radiant Heaters: Circulates oil through a series of “fins” to radiate heat outward.
    We used an oil-filled radiant heater in our travel trailer only when it was stationary in winter.

  • Infrared Heaters: Infrared heaters emit… are you ready for this? Infrared rays!
    That particular wavelength heats objects nearby, which heats the surrounding air.
    If you have a fake fireplace in your RV, it’s likely an infrared heater.

Again, I wrote an article about safety considerations when using electric RV space heaters.

You can find it here: Can You Safely Use An Electric Space Heater In An RV?

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What To Look For In A Small Ceramic Heater

Since you’re looking for the best RV heater that’s portable for your RV, we have to consider all of the following:

  • Heaters wattage. Too high and it may saturate too much of your RV’s electrical system.

  • RV’s electrical system (30 amp or 50 amp). Thirty amps and you’re very limited to what you can power while a space heater is in use.

  • Power source, e.g., plugged into shore power or using batteries.

  • Your RV’s ability to regenerate power (solar panels, generator, or both).

  • Is the ceramic space heater small enough to fit into your RV’s storage?

  • Will the space heater accommodate the amount of square feet you need to heat in your RV?

  • Does it have an adjustable thermostat?

  • What’s the noise level? Too loud and it will be disruptive in a small space.

  • What safety features are incorporated into the ceramic space heater? The last thing you need is an RV fire!

  • Can it be operated with a remote control? Although this may be moot for such a small space.

With all of those considerations in mind, let’s examine some of the most appropriate ceramic space heaters with a compact design.

Best Ceramic Heater For RV

I’m only listing ceramic space heaters that fit the above criteria and suit an RV’s living space.

This list is in no particular order.

  • Dreo Space Heater, Portable Electric Heaters for Indoor Use
    The reviews are rock solid and the design is very suitable for RV living.
    The lowest setting still draws 1000 watts, so this is more appropriate for 50 amp larger RV’s that are plugged in frequently.


  • Amazon Basics 1500W Ceramic Personal Heater with Adjustable Thermostat
    All the necessary safety features are standard and you can adjust the wattage draw (750-1500 watts) on the thermostat.
    Running it on low at a medium setting will not overtax your RV’s electrical system. And the price will not over tax your wallet!


  • Lasko Small Portable Ceramic Space Heater
    This is similar to the ceramic space heater we used and still use in both of our RV’s. The timer is helpful.
    In fact, it’s over a decade old and still kicking.


  • Lasko Ellipse Ceramic Tabletop Heater for Home
    This space heater is the best bang for the buck with the most “usable” features for an RV.
    It’s also the right size to heat a medium to large RV.


Is It The Most Efficient Way To Heat Your RV?

There are times when it’s more efficient to run your RV furnace instead or in addition to your ceramic heater.

Especially when you’re dry camping and you have a limited battery supply.

You’re better off using your diesel or propane-based RV furnace.

In addition, if the RV basement is insulated and houses the duct work for your heating system, that warm air will prevent your tanks from freezing.

But if you’re plugged into shore power, save propane gas and run your space heater some of the time.

It will supply the amount of heat you need to stay comfortable.


Wrapping Up The Best Ceramic Space Heater For An RV


Even if it’s not the winter months, traveling at high elevations or in higher latitudes might justify the use of a ceramic heater.

After a thorough review, I believe the best RV space heater that’s ceramic is:
Lasko Ellipse Ceramic Tabletop Heater for Home


It’s the best bang for the buck and offers you a genuine solution for indoor use in your RV.

Have you found an efficient way to heat your RV in the cooler winter temperatures?
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