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A Great Cup Of Coffee On RV Camping Trips

You and I may both be considered a coffee snob, right?

And when you’re camping in your RV, there’s no compromise for a good cup of coffee.


We will not settle for (clear throat and cue Bach’s Organ Fantasia and Fugue In G Minor) any type of instant coffee or coffee concentrate.


That type of coffee has no place in this article! Back to the matter at hand.

Also, it’s most likely warm or hot outside when you’re using your RV.

Let’s face it, there’s nothing like good coffee over ice on a warm morning while you’re staring at a beautiful landscape!

Are you with me?

Great! Grab a cup and let’s explore how incredibly easy it is to prepare cold brewed coffee in your RV just like the coffee shops.

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Do You Need A French Press For Iced Coffee?


Save the French Press for cool mornings.

No, you don’t need a French press or coffee maker to prepare cold brew coffee in this fashion.

I’ll list the necessary tools further along in the article.

Don’t worry, there’s not much to read.

That said, when I want hot coffee in the RV, I boil water and use my French press.

It’s a great method for hot coffee while RV camping since you only need propane (unless you have an induction cook top).

But this article is about iced cold brew coffee.


What Type Of Coffee Grounds For Cold Brew Coffee?

If you start with whole beans and use a coffee grinder, select a medium to coarse setting.

Plenty of surface area on the ground is a good thing.

We boondock most of the time in our RV, which means we skimp on power consumption.

Therefore I find the best quality ground coffee beans I can when I’m out and about.

Is it the best option for a coffee aficionado? No.

But it is the easiest method pending the “RV camping circumstances.”

Choose your favorite method based on your RV camping style.

Regardless, shop for the best quality coffee suitable to you.

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Cold Water Or Hot Water For Cold Brewing Coffee?

The standard brew method for cold brew is with cold water.

Again, this is certainly amenable to the RV lifestyle, i.e., simplification.

Enough said.

But while we’re on this topic, if you bounce around the country in your RV, it’s a good idea to use filtered water for your cold brew.

We’ve encountered some pretty bad tasting water on some of our journeys.

We correct the problem by filtering the water that goes into our freshwater tank through a three-phase filter.

It works great and yields much better flavored coffee.

Supplies To Make Cold Brew Coffee In Your RV


Seriously simply supplies for cold brew coffee!

You might just have the supplies to make cold brew coffee lying around your house.

If you have a reusable coffee filter and a few large mouth mason jars, you’re set.

A paper filter will not work well with this set up. Besides, why create unnecessary waste?

I prefer not to use mason jars since glass and campervans do not mix well.

I suggest the following supplies that you keep in your RV. And they won’t break during drive days.

You definitely don’t want to forget this stuff on your next camping trip!

The Cold Brew Gear

You’ll need two of the pitchers, but it’s a small price to pay for smooth cold brew.



Steps To Make Cold Brewed Coffee


Cold brew coffee preparation is so easy!

The best part, this is super easy!

Start this in the morning so that the coffee is ready for the next morning.

Make sense?

  1. Add about 3/4 inch of coffee to the bottom of the pitcher. More if you like it strong.

  3. Fill the pitcher up with cold or room temperature water almost to the top.

  5. Put the top on so it survives a moving day.

  7. Place it in the refrigerator for approximately 24 hours and let the magic happen.

    Leave it in the fridge for 24 hours.


  9. Remove from the refrigerator and prepare the other pitcher and coffee filter.


  11. Slowly pour the first pitcher through the filter until all the coffee ground is filter out.


  13. Toss the coffee grounds into a compost area and wash the filter and “brew pitcher.”

  15. Repeat the first step in preparation for the next morning. This becomes an easy cycle.

  17. Pour a delightful cup of cold brew. Try it first before “doctoring” it up. It may require nothing for improvement.
    I enjoy a little organic heavy whipping cream with my coffee.

  19. Keep the pitcher refrigerated until it’s gone.

See, really easy! A great return on investment if you ask me!


Is Cold Brew Coffee Similar To A Classic Percolator?

No, cold brew is not like percolated coffee.

Percolated coffee is “re-brewed” every time it makes a pass yielding stronger coffee.

And it’s really easy to over brew, which I’m guilty of in our early days of fulltiming.

I find percolated coffee to be too harsh anyway. But this is subjective based on the user.

The cold brew that the method described in this article yields is incredibly smooth and drinkable.

It also has an oilier mouthfeel.

Of all the different brewing methods, I think cold brewing is the best way.

Again, subjective.


Wrapping Up Cold Coffee Brews In Your RV

The key to this method is “ease and simplicity” for a great final product.

This aligns with the simple way of RV living.

Now, grab that cup of cold brew, step outside and embrace your “coffee bliss!”

Have you found a great way to brew coffee in your RV that you love?
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