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Best Dishes For RV Camping (Microwave Safe)

Remember when you (or your significant other) decided to use paper plates in the RV?

And it was a disaster.

Yeah, me too.

So when I suggest a designated set of dishes for your RV travels, it comes from experience.

The extra cost is minimal compared to the annoyance of paper plates (and waste).

We spent two years as full-time RVers and are now part-time RVers.

Regardless, almost four years later we’re still using the same RV dinnerware set.

In other words, we put them through our “rigorous testing protocol.”

Read that as all of us (two kids too) used them daily in all kinds of environments camping full-time.

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We Started With Paper Plates For RV Use


Paper plates make great kindling for the campfire.

Besides, we boondocked most of the time and needed to save water.

Go me! Fewer dishes, less wasted water, and “easy start” campfires.

And that was how I justified paper plates in the early days of RVing.

Well, we accumulated more plates than necessary for the few campfires we had full-timing.

This presented two additional problems.

  1. We accumulated too much trash that had to be stored until we found a place to “deposit” it.

  3. I got tired of spending more than necessary on paper plates that just ended up in the trash.

So I began the search for whatever was a popular choice amongst other RVers.

Oh and by the way, paper towels also make great kindling if you need it for your campfire.

We Quickly Switched To Wheat Straw Dishes


Rose’s culinary skills showcased on wheat straw dishes.

Early on, I thought, “Hey, let’s go to REI and buy all the titanium camping dishes!”

Ha! Well, we sold our business, ultimately, “burning down our money tree,” so that kind of budget was out of the question.

Okay, next option, please.

I didn’t want plastic plates or melamine dishes and preferred a complete dish set, so we could just leave it in the RV.

Also, our RV’s sink was kind of small, so we didn’t want any large dinner plates.

Ultimately we settled on wheat straw dishes.

It sounded “trendy” to me, but it turned out to be an excellent choice!

Best RV Dishes That Have Survived Full-Time RVing


The dishes have been subjected to the microwave daily for several years. Still good!

We stumbled upon this set, which was praised by other RV owners.

Each dish was used multiple times daily for both hot and cold foods.

They were even heavily used for outdoor activities (on picnic tables, etc.) during our RV living experience (they still are).

There were only a few brands when we started, but due to the standard operating procedure of capitalism, there are a lot of choices now.

Chances are they’re all sourced at just a few factories, so choose based on the selection of different dishes.

Many offer smaller salad plates (a good fit for the sink) and different colors. All seem to be offered at a great price.

While you’re making your selection, also keep in mind the small space you have for storage.

All of the current wheat grass sets seem to only contain regular cups as a set.

If you prefer the small mugs, here are the same mugs we use for snacks.

We have two of the pitchers that come with the mugs, which we use to cold brew coffee overnight when it’s hot outside.


Coffee Mugs, But Not For Coffee


The mugs work better as snack cups during Lego time.

Our set came with coffee mugs, which I had no intention of using, but brought “just in case.”

We’re finicky about the mugs we use. My old Harley Davidson mug is irreplaceable even when living on the road.
Yes, the dishes can handle high heat just fine.

Turns out, they were perfect for serving our two young boys their snacks and vegetables.

The mugs are just the right size to hold the perfect amount of food for kids.

More importantly to the dish washer (that’s me), there’s less to clean in our small space.


So if the set you like comes with coffee mugs, they might just serve you well for other purposes.

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Do You Need The Same Utensils?

Standard utensils for RV life are a non-negotiable for me.

In other words, we adjust for the additional weight as I refuse to waste plastic silverware.

And the heft of real silverware feels much better than even the wheat straw version.

Keep this in mind when you’re deciding what you really need for your RV.

No doubt, you have a few spare metal utensils in storage that would enjoy a new home in the RV.

Easy Cleaning Of Messy Dishes


How we wash dishes when we’re boondocking.

I’ve already disclosed that I’m (Glynn) the “head dishwasher” in the RV.

And I’ve stated in other articles that I suggest wiping off any grease or debris before washing to protect the gray tank.

It’s easy to wipe any dish, so that point is moot to the quality of these dishes.

But ultimately, they’re easy to clean in the RV.

Sometimes I even wash them outside with the outside shower in a bin to save space in the gray tank (when we’re boondocking).

Again, easy to clean and they’re not going to break.

The Right Size For The RV Sink


It’s tight in a campervan sink, but it works.

I mentioned that these dishes fit well in our Outdoors RV travel trailer sink.

Now we have a Roadtrek campervan with a “microscopic” sink.

The good news is that all the different sizes of dishes still fit into the sink just fine for washing.

Albeit, you have to continue washing while dining to keep the dishes cycled out of the sink.

A small price to pay for the agility of a campervan if you ask me.

The Right Dinnerware That Passes The Drop Test


The dishes store away easily and will survive if they fall out during a moving day.

It doesn’t matter what kind of RV you have, eventually, a cabinet will open during transit.

Yes, it’s happened to us. Also, if you’re feeling hyper-aggressive and want to throw these dishes against the floor or wall, you’re in luck.

They’ll come out unscathed in both situations. The opposite of glass plates.

Perhaps individuals with bad tempers should also consider stocking these dishes in their sticks and bricks house.


Top Rack Dishwasher Safe After Your Camping Trip

When we’re at our home base, I bring all the dishes in to run them through the dishwasher.

So even if you can only use a sink in your RV for washing dishes, they do fine on the top rack of the dishwasher.

Actually, I’ve put some of the small plates on the bottom rack and they were unharmed.

I never made that suggestion. Got it?

Wrapping Up The Best Camping Dishes For RV


We only recommend products that have stood the test of time for us or another RVer whom we know well.

I can confidently state that these are great camping dishes even if you’re just car camping.

  • They stack tightly enough to stay within the acceptable realm of limited space.

  • These dishes DO NOT feel like cheap plastic dishes.

  • Broken dishes will not be a worry for you during your vacation time.

  • Easy clean up and they fit nicely into the RV’s sink.

When you’re ready to outfit your RV with its own designated dishes, this set is a good choice.

They’ll last a long time. Probably longer than you own the RV.

What type of dishes do you like to use in your RV?
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