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Normandy Farms Campground Review

During our time full-time RVing, we predominately boondocked out West.

But this time, we were seeking a luxury camping destination in the Northeast.

We settled on Normandy Farms because it had lots of amenities for our kids (and us).

This was not our first RV resort, so we had an idea of what to expect before booking our site.

We stayed mid-May shortly before Memorial day weekend.

Did Normandy Farms Campground meet our expectations?

Ultimately, yes.

Read on to learn about our experience from the perspective of seasoned full-time RVers.

The first part of this article incorporates general information that’s easy to find on the internet.

Use the table of contents below to skip to our experiences.

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Where Is Normandy Farms Campground?


Normandy Farms, which I believe is rated in the top ten RV resorts in the country is located in Foxborough, MA.

It’s about half way between Cape Cod and Boston and is close to the Gillette Stadium.

Once you’re in the RV resort, you feel like your tucked away far from any populated areas.

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General Information About Normandy Farms Resort

Normandy Farms Campground is still family owned and has been operated by the family since its inception as a campground.

There have been many offers by large corporate campgrounds, but fortunately, the family refuses to sell.

I hope it stays that way.

There are more campsites than any RV park I’ve experienced in the past, but they get booked quickly. Prepare early!

Rather than summarize the campground, it’s faster for you to just continue reading about everything the park has to offer as well as our experiences.

Normandy Farms Family Camping Resort Amenities


On cool days, the indoor pool is great!

A lot of nice RV resorts have some great amenities and Normandy can hang with the best!

We took advantage of everything we could since this was our first time in the resort.

The following amenities are available:

  • Yurts, cabins, RV rentals and “safari tents.”

  • Outdoor pools. Every pool was always meticulous.

  • An indoor pool. We used this a lot!

  • Most pools are also accompanied by a hot tub.


  • Basketball courts

  • Tennis courts

  • Softball fields

  • A well stocked camp store.

  • “Adult loft” in the main recreation lodge.

  • Kids loft in the same recreation lodge.

    We all loved the magic show at the resort!


  • Game room and arcade.

  • Barn with farm animals.

  • Disc golf course

  • A great dog park.

  • Beautiful and large stocked fishing pond. It’s lovely to just hike around it.

  • A wellness center.

  • Creative arts center

  • Business center

  • Playgrounds

  • Many very clean bathrooms, showers and laundry facilities close to all sites.

  • A super cool bike park. Bring your bikes and helmets.

  • A remote control car track. It was being rebuilt during our visit.

  • An endless calendar of events for the family (every day during the peak season).

    Outdoor dining at its finest!


  • Snack bar with beautiful dining pavilion

  • Golf carts that you can rent. You can’t bring your own.

  • Outdoor games are scattered all over the RV park.

  • Wifi that isn’t perfect, but it’s better than any other RV park we’ve experienced.

Yeah, that’s a long list!

There’s a dedicated clean-up crew for every area mentioned, which translates into a very clean and well-kept campground.

Most, but not all sites have picnic tables and a fire ring.

Also, most sites have full hookups.

We stayed in two different sites. One with just water and electricity and one with full hookups.

Amenities Outside The Family Campground


Cruising the track for some birthday fun.

We also scouted the surrounding area for restaurants and entertainment.

Honestly, you could stay in the resort for a week or more and not get bored.

We did enjoy the the go karts and “ninja obstacle course” at Supercharged Entertainment one of the days.

It’s expensive, but a lot of fun for both kids and parents.

Of course, Normandy Farms makes a great base camp for attending events at Gillette Stadium nearby where the New England Patriots play.

There are also lots of shopping opportunities nearby.

Normandy Farms website has a great directory of surrounding activities.

Resort Check-In Experience


We arrived during working hours, so did not need a gate code.

There’s a small parking area for your RV while you check-in if you have a balance on payment or just have questions.

If you prepaid in full, you can print your gate pass and proceed directly to your campsite.

We were on the road for awhile previously, so could not print our gate and site pass.

Rose went in to have them printed and found it to be a seamless check-in experience.

On a side note, the Normandy team members who work the main gate are super personable and friendly.

Our Thoughts On Our Two Campsites

Our first site was not a bad site, but was in one of the Safari sections.

I would consider it one of the various overflow areas.

The site we wanted was not available for the first few days, so we were fine in a small grass site with partial hook-ups.

We’re used to boondocking anyway. Regardless, it was nothing to write home about.

But the second site (21) absolutely rocked!

It’s right next to all the gathering areas, but feels like you’re tucked away in nature.

The large boulders by the site were a huge hit for our boys as a place to climb.

And like most other sites, it’s a really short walk to the showers and laundry room.

Super clean bathrooms in the campground.

For most campers, laundry facilities are not necessary, but when you’re full or part-time, finding one this clean is like finding gold!

We walked the entire resort many times and found all the sites to be well maintained and “manicured” to perfection.

What The Staff Would Like You To Know

I made it a point to talk to the staff whenever they had a free moment and asked what they wished first time visitors knew.

This is the list I was able to compile:

  • The speed limit of 9 mph is taken very seriously.

  • Pay very close attention to the cancellation policy to prevent any surprises.

  • The water pressure is surprisingly high (I can attribute) for a campground. Bring your water pressure regulator.

  • Activities are only on the weekends during the off-season. There’s endless activities during the peak season.

  • The free WiFi works, but isn’t great when the park is busy. It’s still the best campground WiFi we’ve experienced.

  • Maintaining a peaceful environment is a priority and anyone causing a disruption will be asked to leave and not be allowed to return for a second stay.



What Could Be Improved?

I realize that most sites are full hookup, but having more than one dump station would help.

We waited for almost an hour when our tanks were full while in the partial hookup site.

Yes, we could have planed our trip to the dump station at a better time, but once in line, you’re kind of stuck.

The website could use some updates (it’s not bad), but so could my website. So that’s all I’ll say on that note.

It would be amazing to receive, in addition to the chain of reminder policies, a welcome email a day or two before arriving containing:

  • Exactly what to expect when you pull up to the check in area and where to park.

  • Very general directions to your site, e.g., toward the back, by the fishing pond, etc.

  • A few tips about navigating the park.

I realize a lot of this is in the initial emails, but those emails are filled with an overwhelming amount of information, and most people “check out” before reading it all.

In our business of twenty years, we maintained a five star review, but making sure the first time customer arrived with all their questions answered.

Aside from this minor (and unnecessary) gripes, there’s nothing else the resort could do any better.

And that’s rare in the current times.

Our Overall Impression Of Normandy Farms


Seriously, Normandy Farms Campground is a huge campground and a great place!

It was a most enjoyable camping experience!

It’s one of the more pricey campgrounds, but is a bargain for everything you get as far as I’m concerned.

We spoke to a lot of the regulars and learned that for many, it’s a family tradition to gather with friends and family annually.

Prior to full-time RVing, we sold a business of twenty years, so tend to examine any business under a microscope when reviewing it.

I also work camped at The Palms RV Resort in Yuma, AZ as a personal challenge to myself.

During that experience, I got to see how RV resorts work behind the scenes, so I feel qualified to make the next statement.

The owners and management have done an exceptional job with hiring great staff, cultivating a great family community and maintaining a beautiful campground.

It’s definitely the best place in the region to bring your RV!

I only wish we were the owners!

Have you experienced Normandy Farms Campground’s great customer service?
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