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What Are The Best RV Levelers?

In our experience, Anderson levelers are the best RV leveling system.

They also work as a great backup if you have an automatic leveling system that fails. We’ve seen it happen to several RVers.

We spent two years living full-time in our travel trailer almost exclusively on the uneven terrain of public lands.

In other words, we really put our Anderson levelers to the test!

We moved an average of every ten days. That’s a lot of work leveling a travel trailer time and again.

But Anderson levelers not only made leveling easy, but they also expedited the leveling function of our travel trailer!

No doubt slower than hydraulic leveling systems, but many of us who tow an RV have to use a manual system by default.

Let’s explore why we think Anderson Levelers are such a good deal for RVers.

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I’m using affiliate links and photos to make it easier for you to a) know what I’m talking about and b) help you make an informed decision. We also appreciate the small commission that does not cost you any extra.

Anderson Camper Leveler: Our Favorite

Anderson levelers really do make leveling your RV in the great outdoors fast and easy!

They’re lightweight, well made and really easy to use.

It really didn’t take us long to figure out how to level the travel trailer with Anderson levelers when it was new (to us).

Read on to learn about our journey with Anderson Levelers.


The Key: Ease of Use


Anderson levelers are so easy to use on any terrain!

We bought our Outdoors RV travel trailer used and the seller included the Anderson levelers.

I can’t say enough great things about the seller and his family.

He raved about them when he was teaching me how the trailer functioned, but I didn’t really understand until we got our hands dirty and started leveling every few days.

I wrote an article about leveling your RV with Anderson levelers, which you might find really helpful.

Especially if you’re on the fence about which leveling system to try.

You can find it here: 6 Easy Tips To Level Your Travel Trailer (On A Slope)

​One of our YouTube videos also demonstrates how to level your RV (with Anderson levelers).

I have to admit, one time I went too far and got the leveler stuck between the two trailer tires.

It took a little manipulation and force, but I was able to free the leveler after a few minutes.

So if you get your Anderson leveler stuck between the tires, I have two suggestions.

First, if you have an air compressor handy, release some air pressure in one of the tires until the leveler loosens.

Second, you could use a bottle jack to lift the frame allowing free play in the wheels.

Regardless, both methods work, so if it’s a concern for you, just know that it’s not an impossible problem to solve.

Our Second Most Important Leveling System

Roadtrek campervan review
The versatility of Camco Leveling Blocks made them an essential companion to the Andersen camper leveler.

We used them in several different ways:

  • Stacked under our stabilizer jacks to minimize the distance between the jack and the ground.

  • Under the tongue jack if we didn’t have enough two-by-ten wood blocks under the tongue jack for the terrain.

  • If just one RV tire needs to come a tiny bit off the ground, a block is quick and easy.

  • When using one of the bottle jacks, they worked well as jack pads either on the ground or between the jack and the frame.

  • If we got our tow vehicle stuck, a few “Lego-like” leveling blocks under the tire always got us out of the situation.

  • They’re also useful for elevating the front of a vehicle to do preventative maintenance on the engine.


You could just as easily use Lynx levelers.

Or Anderson’s version of Stax leveling blocks. All of them will function similar.

Honesty, just buy what’s on sale. They’ll all outlast your RV.


Our Third Most Important Leveling Tool


Digging tire trough

Travel trailer setup sometimes requires thinking “out of the box.”

Maybe you thought I’d mention wooden blocks and yes, they’re important, but as far as I’m concerned, they’re “default on board items” if you own towable RV.

I’m actually talking about a shovel. If you only stay in RV parks and campgrounds, a shovel is less important.

But if you stay on USFS and BLM land, sometimes the fastest way to level an RV is to dig a shallow trough on the high side.

On many occasions, we used the Anderson levelers in addition to digging a trough.

Unless we’re only staying one night, I like to see our bubble level as close to level as possible.

Mostly because it improves our sleep.

Yes, we maneuver our RV around until we find a flat spot, but most of the time, that’s not achievable.

Alternative RV Leveling Systems

There are plenty of “knock-off” plastic leveling blocks that look like Anderson levelers.

Many of them will work just fine.

But Anderson products are made in the USA and located in Idaho.

As I mentioned earlier, purchase what fits your budget or on sale, but if the price is close, support US made products and companies.

Always Use Wheel Chocks With Any Leveling System


Always use wheel chocks.

Before I wrap up our experience with Anderson levelers and leveling an RV, let me mention one last thing.

No matter what type of RV you have (motorhome, fifth wheel, campervan, etc.), use wheel chocks every time.

I realize that sounds like a “no brainer,” but we forgot to use them a lot in the beginning.


When you’re new to towing, there’s a lot to think about when you’re leveling and setting up your RV for the night.

You sometimes forget steps. We’re all human and capable of mistakes.

I solved this problem by placing my wheel chocks front in center in the RV storage.

Therefore I had to take them out to get to the tongue jack blocks and stabilizer pads.

Problem solved!

We used Anderson Tuff Chocks in addition to the heavy duty chocks that the seller included with the sale.


Wrapping Up Our Experience With Andersen Levelers


Before your next camping trip, take the time to learn about the systems available to you to obtain a level RV on most surfaces.

If you’re reading this article, chances are the RV you have or RV’s you’re considering, don’t have built-in systems to level side-to-side.

If so, the really small investment you make in Anderson levelers will make correcting an uneven RV really easy and fast.

You and I both know that less time with your campsite setup and more time enjoying your camping trip is the goal.


Have you found a great system to level travel trailers, motorhomes or fifth wheels?
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