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We Thought We Had It All

We never imagined we’d be forced to sell our dream house.

And we never imagined we’d pay so many medical bills or be crippled with fear every time our youngest son coughed.

Of course, we never thought we’d sell our business either.

No one ever plans for these situations, but we were fortunate to learn to pivot rather than whine early in life.

Rose strengthened her resilience to move forward after a traumatic figure skating injury removing her from national competition.

I built a foundation of resilience as a powerlifter.

And both Rose and I refined our tenacity in building our first business, Paradigm Fitness after seven years of studies at The University of Delaware.

We worked tirelessly for a year without pay to turn it into a debt-free, low-overhead and highly profitable business.

Life was good once we got past the hurdles.

Business had grown substantially, Rose stayed home to home-school the boys and we lived in our dream house.

Dream Home?

This was too big!

But, oddly we felt like we were missing something.

We thought it was the fact that we didn’t travel very often. So we started looking into living full-time in an RV.

Watching the popular YouTube full-timers made the lifestyle look VERY appealing.

We also felt like all of our “stuff” owned us. We didn’t carry much debt (just a mortgage), but our possessions tied us down.

My stuff owns me

It’s beautiful, but too much work!

This fantasy life was just a facade.

It was simplicity we were after! And the ability to explore more without being tied down.



Everything Changes

Then the pandemic happened.

For some, this was the beginning of hardship.

NOT FOR US! We saw this as an opportunity to catalyze our ambition to have less and explore more.

The decision was made to spend more time as a family and to collect great experiences.

We took advantage of the pandemic, sold our house, business and possessions and RESET OUR JOURNEY.

Great Basin National Park

And we learned something about ourselves.

Having great experiences and learning new things empowered us.

It took us back to our earlier years when we started Paradigm Fitness, making us feel the joy of growth again.

We tried and still try so many new things learning from any failures to keep moving forward.

So what do we do now and encourage you to do?

We continue to reset to learn new skill sets and experience growth as both individuals and a family.

Everything we’ve mastered, tried and are currently trying is here on this website.

RV rental

If you decide to live in an RV, we even help guide you to buy only what you need and nothing useless.

We are the Willard’s. Glynn, Rose, Gavyn & Zach.

We hope to encourage you to try new things, find new paths, grow as individuals and RESET as often as necessary to continue feeling alive!

We never thought our lives would completely change in May of 2020, and selling everything to travel full-time in an RV was a substantial risk.

But the growth it led to has been priceless.



Are you ready to make change a priority, learn new skills and grow by resetting your journey?