Family Pic

What if you thought you had it all…. a beautiful family, your dream home, lot’s of stuff, a

successful business that allowed your significant other to stay home with your kids and


What if a pandemic changed all that and took most of it away?

What if during the pandemic you realized that you really didn’t need all the stuff, nor did

you want to be owned by all your possessions anymore?

What if you also realized how much time you were missing with the family?

What if you realized there were a lot of aspects of your life that needed a “RESET?”

What would you do?

What if you decided to turn this disaster into an opportunity?

We are the Willard’s. Glynn, Rose, Gavyn & Zach.

In May of 2020, after the pandemic shut our business down for months, we decided to hit

RESET and sell it all! Definitely a scary move, but necessary! This allowed us to escape

the erosion of our savings, downsize, and buy an RV to travel the country!

This trip will also offer us a means to find someplace that really feels like home.

Fortunately, during the preparations, we were able to temporarily live with Glynn’s

parents while selling our business.

We never thought our lives would completely change in May of 2020, but like a lot of

people out there here we are!

We owned a successful small business (Paradigm Fitness) for 20+ years, lived in our

dream home for 3 years, but we were starting to feel unfulfilled.

Glynn worked a lot to maintain our stuff. And we were not able to travel much due to our

business. It doesn’t help that Glynn loved working both in and on the business.

But, we had the idea of travelling in an RV for two years before we decided to go for it.

Like many, we watched countless YouTube channels on fulltime RV’ing and did a lot of

research on the type of RV and vehicle we needed for our family.

Once we had a plan in place, the dominos started to fall. Not overnight, but gradually and

then rapidly.

Building and selling our previous business gave us the insight and mental attributes

required to reset our journey in 2020. Now we’re sharing those attributes to help you

reset your journey!

The moral of the story is that change can happen once you make it a priority.