Work With Us

We sincerely appreciate your interest in working with us and are happy to address any questions or concerns. You can email us here.

Personal Coaching

Rose has a lifelong background in coaching figure skaters and I (Glynn) spent 33 years coaching individuals for health and fitness. It’s in our blood! We offer our private coaching services for getting started with full-time RV living, health/fitness and entrepreneurial accountability.


Our deep dive into content creation while living off the grid forced us to be creative in both short-form and long-form videos. We’ve learned from trial and error how to use short-form video for lead generation and ad revenue generating a solid ROI for our channel, Reset Your Journey.


We maintain the content on this website as well as, which showcases a more technical writing skill set. We look forward to hearing from you about opportunities for freelance writing requiring SEO knowledge.


Rose is a co-host on RV Entrepreneur podcast and is open to guest hosting opportunities.  We also love being guests on RV, travel and entrepreneurial podcasts and can discuss RV life, traveling, boondocking, or being entrepreneurs. We’d love to share our story! Let’s talk.

Product Reviews

We are interested in reviewing any quality products relating to RV’s, travel, hiking or off-grid living. We only review and promote products that are high quality and add real value.