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What tools should you carry in your travel trailer or tow vehicle?

There are a few tools for fifth wheels, motorhomes and trailers that are necessary regardless of the RV type.

I highly recommend you stock your tool arsenal for your RV prior to your first “shakedown” trip even if it’s in a campground.

This applies even more if you’re boondocking.

Having the right tools can make the difference between enjoying the rest of your day or spending a lot of money on outsourced repairs or a tow.

Many of the items are affiliate links, because it’s easier for you to compare and it helps us out (a tiny commission). Thank you!

Here’s our full list of our essential and nice to have RV gear.

I’m using affiliate links and photos to make it easier for you to a) know what I’m talking about and b) help you make an informed decision. We also appreciate the small commission that does not cost you any extra.
Vacant wheel

What Are The Essential RV Tools?

This list is not a specific tool list for motorhomes, fifth wheels or travel trailers. Rather a list that applies to all of them.



Uh Oh, You Forgot A Tool For The RV


We saved money by doing repairs ourselves.

It didn’t take us long to figure out that anything we forgot to pack in the travel trailer is available almost anywhere.

And Lowes, Home Depot and Walmart have very big rig friendly parking lots. Yeah, we spend a lot of time visiting these stores while on the road.

So, if you forget something, don’t sweat it!

Have you found any tools to be priceless on your RV adventures?
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