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We bought our Outdoors RV travel trailer used and it came with Camco Leveling Blocks (44510).

We had no idea the value we would place in these amazing “Lego like” blocks.

After boondocking for two years and moving every 5-10 days, we got a lot of use out of our Camco levelers.

And we’re so glad we had them for so many reasons!

Side note, I’m certainly not going to waste my time writing an article about a product that I don’t find valuable.


Why Did We Fall In Love With Camco Leveling Blocks?


  1. Camco RV leveling blocks are extremely durable. We put ours through the paces and they just asked for more.

  3. Compact storage and light weight is the key when talking about RV’s. They pile up nicely and tuck away easily in any RV storage bin.

  5. Their bright color means you won’t accidentally leave them at your camping site. We found plenty of forgotten black chocks though.

  7. They can be used to elevate the height of your tongue jack. Also, if your jack isn’t tall enough, count out the right number of Camco blocks and your problem is solved. This applies to bottle jacks too.

    Camco RV leveling blocks

    Camco blocks for your tongue jack and stabilizers.


  9. Camco levelers work great under your stabilizers. We add 3 or 4 under a stabilizer that’s high off the ground. And we just add a few if the stabilizer is close to the ground.

  11. Of course you can level your RV with the Camco blocks. This isn’t our go to, but they’ll level an RV in a pinch.

  13. Camco heavy duty leveling blocks are strong enough to level any vehicle. Truck camper, Class B, car or truck with a roof tent, etc. If you’re sleeping or cooking in it, level it!

  15. One of our favorite uses: getting unstuck from the mud. Yes, we’ve had our truck stuck in the mud on more than one occasion. Lay them out in a line and they function just like mud traction boards.

    Camco RV leveling blocks.

    Camco leveling blocks can get you “unstuck.”


  17. Camco levelers work great for raising your vehicle to do maintenance. I stopped using jacks to elevate my vehicles to change the oil or do any routine maintenance. Build a ramp with them, drive up and get to work!

Based on the listed reasons, it’s easy to see why we placed so much value in our Camco RV leveling blocks.

Check out our article 6 Easy Tips To Level Your Travel Trailer (On A Slope) to see how we use our leveling blocks.

Even if you don’t have an RV, there’s a use for these awesome levelers!

What Are The Dimensions Of Camco Leveling Blocks (44510)?

Just in case you want to make sure they’ll fit in your RV or vehicles storage area, they are;

8 ½-inches x 8 ½-inches x 1 ½-inch.

Generally speaking, they come in a pack of 10 that all connect with a carrying handle.

Are Camco Levelers Easy To Clean?

Camco RV leveling blocks.
Why in the world would I even present this question??

Since we’ve used them to get unstuck from the mud on more than one occasion, we’ve had to clean them.

Yes, they’re easy to rinse off. Usually I would just bang them out to eliminate the caked mud and let them dry when boondocking.

I then spray them off when we return to civilization.

If you’re on the fence as to whether these will be useful to you, I’m certain you won’t regret adding Camco levelers to your arsenal.

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