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Our Number 1 Pick For The Best RV Gift

The most practical gift you and purchase for new RV owners (or seasoned owners) should allow for more experiences.

Isn’t that why they bought an RV to begin with? The best things are not “things.”

They’re experiences.

This makes our number one pick a National Parks Pass.

Photo Credit: National Park Service

What makes this a great gift idea?

  • Every family member will benefit.

  • It adds destinations to your road trip.

  • It takes the user to places that attract other RV enthusiasts.

  • It opens up a network of free dump stations and potable water.

  • Any national park is the perfect solution to decompress and connect with nature.

If they already have a National Parks Pass, let’s look at a list of the best gifts.

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I’m using affiliate links and photos to make it easier for you to a) know what I’m talking about and b) help you make an informed decision. We also appreciate the small commission that does not cost you any extra.

Fun gifts or gear for a small space are nice if you’re looking for a great gift for an RV owner.

But, a word of caution.

If you want to buy something technically beneficial to their RV, make sure you understand how much space they have and their type of RV.

The wrong gift that doesn’t make for easy storage may be more cumbersome than helpful.

Also, find out what they already have in their RV before placing your order.

The Best RV Unique Gifts

This gift guide is in no particular order, so scroll with the person you will be purchasing for in mind.

They’re all great ideas for camper owners and RV travelers!

  • Harvest Hosts membership
    This also includes Boondocker’s Welcome. We rely heavily on the service and find it to be an absolute delight meeting the hosts.

    And we always find the perfect place to spend an evening or two while on the road.

    If you’re buying something for full-time RVers, this makes an excellent gift!


  • Gift cards
    Gift cards for fuel stations, Wawa (or equivalent national chain), or Walmart are a great idea because they’re pervasive along the highways.

    If they’re home more than on the road, an Amazon gift card is always nice.

    Any of these gift cards are all practical gifts!


  • An RV checklist Notepad
    Our friends at Cruisin’ and Campfires produce an outstanding RV Checklist as a notepad to serve you on every camping trip. It makes a great gift for both the seasoned RVer or new RV owner.
    RV Checklist
    RV Checklist

  • A compact first aid kit

    It’s one of those necessities in an RV that few owners want to purchase. You could piece one together so that it’s more personal if you prefer.


  • Lightweight, compact camp chairs

    Space and weight matter in an RV, so the most compact and lightweight camp chair you can find would be a great gift.
    This is the lightest and smallest camp chair I could find by a reputable manufacturer that won’t break the bank.


  • Collapsible aluminum picnic table

    If they have the space, a collapsible picnic table brings your meals to the great outdoors.
    We put this particular table through its paces and it has never failed us.


  • Booking a few nights at an RV resort
    This is a great way to offer someone a carefree camping trip in their RV.


  • A variety of card games

    Card games are small, versatile, fit in small spaces, and can occupy several people for hours.
    You can purchase popular games like Uno or SkipBo, but a standard set of quality playing cards is SO versatile.


  • Portable power station

    Yes, this is for those of you who want to splurge on your friends. We use our Bluetti a lot when we’re on the road.


  • Portable solar panels for the power station

    Make sure they have the space or need for such a gift before adding this extra cost.


  • Annual membership to FMCA, Good Sams, or similar RV organization
    We belong to FMCA and find their tech connect to be a valuable asset.


  • Water bottles

    Our water bottles serve us during travel days, hiking, out-and-about, and in the RV. The one pictured above is my kids favorite.
    Good-quality water bottles make for awesome gifts!


  • Stainless steel wine tumblers or pint cups
    These may seem simple, but they’re some of our favorite things on the open road.


    We love the stainless steel cups in our travel trailer. They don’t break, are easy to clean, and weigh very little.
    The pint cup pictured above is the exact one I use for everything. It follows me from the house to the RV and back.


  • Annual Pass for museums
    There are organizations such as the American Alliance of Museums that allow entrance to a massive network of museums around the country.


  • Tickets to theme parks
    If they’re into the theme park thing, it’s always nice to go have a blast on someone else’s dime.


  • Sticker map

    We’ve all seen the maps somewhere on an RV that highlights every state visited. It’s a fun gift idea.


  • Organizer baskets for the RV kitchen

    Lightweight, plastic organizers make keeping your dishes accessible and safe an easy job.


  • Outdoor portable propane fire pit

    We never would have made this suggestion except for the fact that we shared many evenings around one with other RV campers. Great memories!
    The one pictured is the lightest and smallest I could find, making it more suitable as an RV gift.


  • Inflatable kayak or paddleboard


    It’s difficult to fit a regular kayak or paddleboard in the limited space in/on an RV. But one that’s inflatable is a perfect gift idea.
    A word of caution. The above still take up a lot of space and weigh a lot. They also require a lot of manual effort to inflate. They’re not for everyone.


  • Jumper cables

    A compact set is nice to have on the road. The lower the gauge, the better since RV batteries are generally heavy-duty.


  • Portable jump starter

    One up the jumper cables and get them a portable jump starter that’s designed for their RV’s chassis.Look for 1600-2000 Amps.


  • A funny, “suitable for them” welcome mat

    Cheesy, witty, or obnoxious. You know their sense of humor better than I.


  • Membership to RV Life Trip Wizard
    RV Life Trip Wizard is a great app that will help them navigate around unfriendly RV infrastructure.
    I’m a little biased since Rose is a host on the RV Entrepreneur Podcast, which is under the RV Life umbrella.


  • A nice pair of leather work gloves

    Setting up any RV introduces the potential for dirty work. I always wear my gloves for set up and break-down.


  • Leveling blocks

    These work great for leveling an RV and they even helped us get unstuck on several occasions.


  • A small shovel

    Sometimes it’s easier to level an RV by digging a shallow trough under one side than using blocks or levelers.


  • Small Craftsman level

    Even if their RV has an auto-leveling system, there’s always a need for a small level that doesn’t take up much space.


  • Variety pack of command hooks

    The ability to hang things from anywhere on the walls. Need I say more?


  • Torque wrench

    If your friend has a travel trailer, or fifth wheel or are motorhome owners, a torque wrench will be necessary on some aspects of the RV.


  • Tire pressure gauge

    Proper tire pressure in an RV is of utmost importance. Help them stay on top of their tire pressure to prevent blowouts and unusual wear.


  • Auto code scanner

    After needing one after several check engine lights, I finally broke down and bought one. It has come in handy and saved me money in the long run.


  • Knife sharpener

    I bought one of these for my everyday carry knives and chef knives. It’s an amazing sharpener and would make the perfect present for anyone who prefers to keep their knives sharp!

  • Small flashlight

    Anyone in the RV lifestyle knows the necessity for a small flashlight for both camping activities and repairs/maintenance for their RV.


  • Water heater rinsing wand

    If their RV has a tank-based water heater, it will need to be cleaned out on occasion. One of these makes quick work of it.


  • Small space heater

    No, I’m not grasping for straws. On cool evenings, when an RV is plugged into shore power, it’s cheaper to use a space heater than burn propane.


  • Small tension rods

    These can be used across the refrigerator or cabinet to keep things from falling and moving during travel days.


  • Adjustable shelf for lockers

    The locker-sized adjustable shelf is the perfect way to add additional shelving to any cabinet.


  • Hanging closet organizer

    A great option for keeping an RV closet is a hanging organizer. They pretty much triple our storage space in each wardrobe closet.


  • Drawer divider

    Things in an RV drawer move around a lot during travel days. Any method that keeps this separated and in their place is beneficial in an RV.


  • Collapsible laundry bag

    Dirty laundry has to go someplace before transporting it to home or to a laundromat. A lightweight collapsible laundry bag is a great addition to any RV.


Wrapping Up Great RV Gift Ideas


Remember, the best gift ideas incorporate experiences or items that amplify a great experience.

Please make sure the camper owner you’re buying for actually needs or has the space for whatever you are considering.

Items should have multiple uses in an RV and also be good for outdoor use (if applicable).

With some thought and consideration, you should be able to find great RV gifts they will actually use and appreciate before their next road trip.

Have you found any great gifts for RV camping that you want to share?
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