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What Do You Need To Live Fulltime In An RV?

I know, there’s a lot of junk out there that you’re led to believe you need in an RV! And there’s some very helpful things that are not as obvious.

It was about a year into boondocking most of the time that we figured out what we did and did not need. And all of my friends and family will tell you I’m frugal.

OK, they describe it a little differently… cheap, perhaps?

This translates into we will not suggest anything you don’t need. And we’ll let you know some of the things that are nice to have on the road.

But there are a few important considerations before you even decide what to buy.

Looking To Get Right To The List Of RV Gear?

Gear Page
You can go straight to our gear site that lists our selection of essential RV gear in a nice orderly fashion.

Here’s the link to our Gear site

What Are Some Considerations When Stocking Your RV?


  1. Start with the essentials.

  3. Weight, weight, weight!

  5. Do you really need what “they” say you need?

  7. Did I mention weight???


Let’s Talk About Weight Before Anything Else.



Our Outdoors RV Weight Sticker.

Your RV has a GVWR like all other vehicles. And it’s not just about the weight on the axles, but also the tongue weight if you’re towing.

You can learn more about the specifics in this article or this video.

Regardless, you have to have a general idea of how much weight you’re bringing into your camper.

So, the less and the lighter the better. In fact, a lot of things should serve two purposes.

There’s a give and take of course. What personal items that are essential to you may not be for someone else. So, minimize the things you don’t need, so that your can bring something you really want.

This all still applies even if your rig is a Super-C and has a “super” high GVWR.

What Do We Mean By “Essential?”

For the purpose of this article, essential means gear that you’ll need to operate your RV safely and efficiently. It also includes maintaining your RV.


A lot of necessary tools for fulltime RV living.

Because things break or wear out, many tools are essential. Believe me, we’ve done a lot of RV maintenance and repairs on the road.

We have a whole playlist on the subject, so expect it and be prepared.

Fulltime RVing Must Haves.


Boondocking site

Campsites like this cost nothing for 10-14 days!

We have to address how to set up a camper to live in even if you’re just taking a long vacation in a camper. All in all, it will be about the same.

Think about everything you need in your home.

Now figure out what you can do without.

Then find the lightest version of everything you find necessary for RV living.

RV organizational Essentials

Yes, you will need to get creative and find ways to organize your clothes, shoes, food, etc.

And many of the time, the tools you select will be designed for something entirely different.

Again, the lighter the organizational tools, the better. And sometimes the outcome is not as aesthetically pleasing as you’d like, but it works well.

Organizational Tool

This is a shoe holder that we repurposed as a towel holder in the bathroom.


RV Essentials Amazon. Why?

Amazon is the easiest way for us to list some of the RV essentials and niceties. Yes, they’re affiliate links that we make a small commission from, which we sincerely appreciate you using. And you probably already know it doesn’t change the price.

BUT, it’s the easiest way and we’ve categorized them nicely on our Gear Page.

Visit our RYJ Gear Page.

Here’s a general list of each category.


Again, the full list can be found on our Gear Page.

What Don’t You Need In An RV For Fulltime Living?

When in doubt, leave it out!

The old cliché of “just in case,” is a bad mantra when packing your RV.

I’ve skipped making a list of things you don’t need in an RV because it would be too long.

In fact, we made a video about this subject after taking a quick break.

Regardless, we found that if we really needed something we didn’t bring, it was easily attainable on the road.
If you take anything from this article, most importantly, keep in mind the amount of weight your bringing into you’re rig.

Happy and safe travels!
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