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In my personal experience as well as discussing it with every successful individual, I’ve determined that purpose is the most important criteria in making a change.

Without purpose, we just drift along letting environmental circumstances control who we are. It has been on the forefront of almost every “personal growth” book I’ve ever read. In other words, there is some validity to the concept of purpose.

What is the purpose of my life?

Well, this is easier said than done sometimes. How do you define your purpose? What if you’re unsure about how to even define something so important?

This will require some real introspection and reflection. And it may not come to you immediately. You expected me to say that, didn’t you?

In fact, you may have inadvertently discovered your purpose when you were a child or teenager.

Maybe you found your purpose in life when you were a teenager.


Think back to when you were a child or teenager. Is there something that you loved doing, but then you later stopped thinking about?

For example, as a teenager, I would often say that I wanted to be an author. I loved reading and writing.

But as time passed, I found other interests that led to my first purpose driven endeavor. That was, of course fitness and nutrition.

Think back. Is there something you were passionate about that you have since let slip away?

Can your life’s purpose change?

You bet it can!

Even I find my “purpose” to shift on occasion or become diluted. This is natural and might even be a sign that you’ve latched on to a purpose that’s not one hundred percent correct for you.

When we started our first business, our purpose was so “definitive” that there was no question or second thoughts. That’s what you’re looking for.

Steps to figure out your life’s purpose.

It’s almost cliché to suggest you “do something you love.” I think that’s overused. Besides, sometimes it turns the thing you love into work you may not enjoy.

    Solar flower.

  1. Start by considering the things you believe in or feel strongly about. Perhaps you believe in expanding and switching the power infrastructure from coal to newer green energy systems. This would be a good place to begin looking for opportunities with which to align your skills (or acquire new skills).
    Or you love great movies and have always found cinematography fascinating. This would be an opportunity to embrace a new skill set to help pivot to a new reset. The direction is up to you.

  3. Your purpose is separate from your goals. Your purpose might be to bring joy to children. So one goal might be to publish a one or several books for children.

  5. Does your potential purpose satisfy your needs as a person? I assure you, if your purpose is to sit on a couch and watch Netflix all day, every day, you are not satisfying your needs as a human.

  7. Let go of your fears. Initially, every decision in my life was ruled by fear. It took real effort to focus more on the potential positive outcome than fear. But the more I lived in that perspective, the more clear my purpose.

  9. Accept who you are. If you’re not comfortable with yourself, it will be difficult to narrow down your life’s purpose. Consider self-acceptance a prerequisite to determining your life’s purpose.

  11. I know it’s what so many others say, but taking up meditation or breath work can help you clarify a purpose. After some time of practicing both, I found legitimate clarity about my purpose. Who knows, maybe it’s just because I started sleeping better. Regardless, it really helps.

  13. Take action! Muddling around, dragging your feet and being indecisive will get you nowhere fast!


Can your purpose in life change as you get older?


Again, absolutely! I believe resetting your life’s purpose as you age is more the norm than a rarity.

Can a new purpose surface overnight? Yes. Can you pivot to a new direction overnight? Generally, no. It takes time and again, you have to take action.

It’s important to understand that a life reset can take many months and sometimes years. The point is to define the purpose, make the decision and then follow the steps in accordance with a well thought out plan. We’ll discuss this further as we progress. Without this first step, your reset probably won’t happen.

How long does it take to change your purpose in life?

This is of course relative.

Our first “purpose driven” business took over a year to build and then several years to refine. When we decided to reset our lives again, it also took several years. But nothing happens until you initiate your new purpose. Action, action, action!

Regardless of the time it will take to define and act on your new purpose, it starts with a definitive decision (and following through).

Conclusion about finding your life’s purpose.

I want to leave you with this note about purpose.

Having a truly defined purpose will help you eliminate indecision. That translates into making faster, well thought out decisions rather than treading water.

I’m confident you know exactly what I mean since we’re all guilty of periods of indecision.

Now, what’s your purpose?
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