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Master Your Physical Fitness (Nutrition)

…So I said, Jane, remove the fruit and replace it with veggies for every meal that has fruit in it.

She raised an eyebrow and said, okay. A week later, she couldn’t wait to tell me that she started losing fat again (and kept losing it)!

We’ll go over the whole story further in the article.

What does this have to do with resetting your journey in life?

I wholeheartedly believe that poor health can derail anyone’s purpose in an instant.

And you have the power to take care of your body to help prevent being sidelined. There are severalcomponents of fitness you’ll want you to make an effort to improve.

Your healthy eating habits are covered in this article.

If you’re already fit and eat well, kudos! Follow along and see if there are any aspects of your fitness plan that can be tweaked or add some variety.

There are always ways to refine and improve our physical fitness. Let’s begin with the most important, nutrition.

Good nutrition is a choice.

Healthy Eating Habits: Where They Began

I never really understood how good I had it when a group of national level bodybuilders took me under their wing when I was only fifteen and taught me everything they knew.

This was before I spent seven years learning everything about our metabolisms that I could stomach (pun intended).

The first two things they taught me had to do with sugar and what we eat contributes eighty percent to our physique.

After three decades of building and refining my knowledge (and helping A LOT of people), it only makes sense to pass some of that on to you.

Why? Your health is more dependent on your dietary intake than many people realize.

And to reset your life to the fullest, what you feed yourself is just too important to ignore.

Besides, what good is resetting your life if you’re unhealthy because of dietary choices?

And they’re just that, choices. No one forces you to eat anything.

Two Things You Can Do Right Now To Improve Your Nutrition


You just want to reset something in your life, right? So let’s keep the nutrition lesson simple.

It’s not always what you add to your diet, but rather what you remove. This really applies to nutrition in our current environment.

You can’t open a single social media platform without being bombarded by new “magical” foods that will make you “superhuman.”

We’ve taken things too far.

One would think the human population could never have made it this far without all the supplements and boutique foods.

Save your money. In fact, save a lot of it!

If nothing else, I would like you to try the following two changes for at least ten days.

There’s no reason to stop at ten if you feel better and would like to continue. Taking it further is great, but starting simple is important.

You can do this.

  1. First, read every label and minimize everything with sugar. That includes fruit. Yes, I said fruit. This elimination of fruit is temporary.

  3. Second, I want you to try only eating within a nine hour window. Eight is even better.
    The peer reviewed research backed health improvements from only eating within an eight hour window are just too great to ignore.

    Let’s first talk about sugar. I feel like I’ve been shouting from the mountain tops for the last thirty-two years about the issues created from too much sugar.

    For decades, few listened because the media and government told us fat was bad. Don’t get me started!

    Why Should You Limit Fruit?

    Let me tell you a story that was not an uncommon occurrence in our personal training facility.

    The one that stands out the most is about a client of one of our trainers. We’ll call her Jane.

    You see, Jane had trained with us for almost a year and made great progress. She gained a lot of strength, added muscle, lost fat, but had hit a point where she stopped losing fat.

    She stated that she kept adding more cardio and dropping her calories, but nothing was changing.

    I worked with a lot of our clients on their nutritional regimen, but Jane had that department covered on her own.

    And she did a great job. After a while she decided to ask me for advice, so I had her recall her last two days of food intake.

    Everything sounded great except one thing. Jane was incorporating fruit with most of her meals.

    In her mind fruit was perfectly acceptable and healthy. I explained that for her to get past this hump, she should remove the fruit for a fixed period of time.


    Fruit still elicits an elevated level of insulin, which inhibits the use of adipose tissue as an energy source.

    Energy systems and fat metabolism is a very deep rabbit hole, so your takeaway is that elevated blood sugar reduces the amount of fat burned.

    And fruit is made up of a lot of sugar (the type of sugar is irrelevant for this article). Cool?

    So I said, Jane, remove the fruit and replace it with veggies for every meal that has fruit in it.

    She raised an eyebrow and said, okay. A week later, she couldn’t wait to tell me that she started losing fat again (and kept losing it)!

    There are copious problems that occur from excessive sugar intake, so do yourself a favor and minimize your sugar intake.

    It solves a lot of problems. I’m not going to tell you it’s easy since sugar is extremely addictive.

    But it can be done.


    Why Should You Eat Within An Eight Hour Window?

    Take your healthy eating lifestyle to the next level and only eat within an eight to nine hour window.

    The best scenario is to stop eating anything caloric (including liquid) four hours before sleep.

    If you go to sleep at 10PM, stop consuming calories at 6PM. You’ll sleep better, minimize reflux and set your body up to use fat as a predominant fuel source.

    Again, this is a very deep rabbit hole that I can speak about at length, but I only want to give you what you need to be healthier.

    There’s no shortage of quality peer reviewed research that supports eating within a specified time window.

    Improvements in glucose tolerance, lower blood sugar levels, overall less calories consumed, elevated autophagy and the list could go on…

    At first, it can be difficult, but over time, it gets easy. That’s when you start to question most of society.

    Taking these two steps will the biggest bang for the buck toward healthy eating habits and lifestyle.

    Have you minimized your sugar intake yet?
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