Last Updated on 07/22/2023 by Glynn Willard

Let me tell you about two different people.

First, let’s talk about Rose. She always points out and looks for the positive before even considering anything negative.

People like her and gravitate toward her. I’m sure you can understand why.

We could all learn something from her.

Now let’s talk about the other person.

The person I’ve worked with (and am still working) to change.

Taking Ownership
When something’s wrong, I was the first to point out the negative and any problems.

Perhaps I should have worked for an insurance company as a “risk reduction” professional.

Because that’s how I saw the world. All the bad things that could happen and be prevented.

I can assure you, anyone who focuses on the negative and spews negative comments before focusing on the positive is not desirable to be around.

Can you think of any times you have focused on the negative and voiced your opinion before you commented on a potential positive?

We’re all guilty on one occasion or another.

This also highlights another trait.

I tend to focus on moving away from things I don’t want while Rose moves towards the things she wants.

I’m certain focusing on moving away from what one does not want leads to a life of minimal satisfaction.

It doesn’t take long to ask yourself which type of person you are and figure out how you perceive things.

Read this paragraph again.

Focusing your thoughts and energy on moving toward desires rather than away from avoidances is a powerful way to accomplish more.

It will also lead to a more satisfying life. It’s one more step toward focusing on the positive.
Takeaway: Move toward your desires and point out the positives. You’ll be happier!
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