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Can You Stay Fit On The Road?

You bet you can!

If you live on the road or have thought about living on the road, all hope is not lost to stay healthy.

It’s easy to picture camping along beautiful scenery, eating camping food and cracking a beer (or wine). But that’s a dangerous rabbit hole to descend.

In fact, it’s that scenario that promotes the need for a plan to stay healthy.

During our time on the road, we’ve found seven tips (I’m sure there’s more) that help us stay fit and healthy while living in an RV.

Let’s review.

  1. Make Movement Your Priority First Thing In The Morning
  2. Workout

    Morning workout outside with bands.

    It’s just programmed into the day. You wake up, brush your teeth and get moving.

    Space is no excuse. We have a very tiny space in the kitchen to do push-ups, squats, Bulgarian squats and other similar exercises.

    I start breakfast for the kids and do sets in between flipping eggs or washing dishes.

    Three days a week, I do a full workout with bands attached to the front of the truck. I also do a series with a 20 lb medicine ball.

    Again, this is done first thing in the morning, so that it’s checked off the list.


  3. Incorporate A Vegetable In Every Meal
    I understand, this is not everyone’s priority. But it’s not difficult to add a vegetable to each meal. If you’re not sure what to eat, here are a few suggestions:

    So, I use the following guidelines:

    1. Carrots and hummus

    3. Frozen veggies with any meal microwaved (if you have functioning AC current in your rig)

    5. Fresh veggies mixed in with any meat and a sauce.

    7. A spring mix salad with any meal

    9. And on and on…

    Vegetables provide a vehicle for many of the necessary nutrients to stay healthy.

    Find a way to get them into your daily regimen if your priority is staying healthy.

  5. Prepare Your Grocery List In Advance And Stick To It
  6. Grocery list

    I keep my grocery list on Google Keep.

    This is a common one, but necessary. We end up at a different grocery store almost every week.

    This wreaks havoc on knowing where everything is and preparing a list.

    Regardless, Rose and I go through the kitchen prior to shopping and prepare the list.

    We can’t “stock up” or over purchase things. There’s just no space.

    So the list has to be precise.


  7. Save The Excess Sugar For One Day A Week
    I have preached this for many decades. The last thing our body needs is excess sugar, period!

    Sugar does us no favors. Besides the less sugar you eat, the more space you have to store quality foods.

    If you have kids and you allow them to over-consume sugar, you’re setting them up for a life long battle with weight and other health problems.

    I can’t imagine any parent wants to set their children up for health problems, but way too many parents do so.

    So, one day a week? Yes, have some of your favorite junk foods one day a week.

    Some are capable of having a little something daily without overindulging. But in my experience, that’s a trigger for a lot of people to keep eating.

    Sugar is very addictive.

    You can read more about Why Is Sugar Bad For You? This Will Change How You Eat from my blog GymFailedYou.

  9. Limit Your Alcohol To Mid Day, One Day A Week
    I love a good craft beer too. But excess, also wreaks havoc on our metabolism and does NOT promote health.

    Alcohol also disrupts quality sleep. And there’s no shortage of supporting research on the subject.

    So, plan your alcohol consumption on your break day between 11AM and 3PM. This will prevent over-consumption and allow for more quality sleep.

    I realize this goes against the norm. I’m suggesting going against the grain. So many “acceptable practices” in society have contributed to some really bad health.

  11. Go To Bed At Sun Down And Wake Naturally
    Sleep is so important! Poor sleeping habits are closely linked with how your metabolism deals with sugar (glucose tolerance).

    Poor sleep is also linked with diminished will power. In other words, it’s more difficult to stay on track when you have limited will power.

    So, you have no excuse living on the road. As the sun goes down, save your batteries and climb into bed.

    A good night sleep is rewarding in so many ways. And it will help keep you healthy.

  13. Use Every Trail Nearby As An Opportunity To Hike Or Ride
  14. Hiking in Great Basin

    Family hike in Great Basin National Park

    This is something that usually requires some research. I use my All Trails app to find trails nearby and then get all of us out on them. As frequently as possible.

    Every time I or we finish a trail, we always rave about how geed we feel. And what beautiful natural sights we’ve seen.

    Sometimes the trail is right outside the rig. Other times, it’s driving distance. But it’s worth the effort.

    One of the first things I do when we park our rig is to explore the immediate area on my bike to find trails or other friendly campers.

    That way, I can plan outings accordingly. And not realize on the last day in that location what a great trail was nearby.


How We Stay Fit And Healthy On The Road

We apply all of the principals above.

It’s our priority, period. Yes, we all slip on occasion or make an exception when the circumstances call for it.

We remain flexible, but stay within realistic boundaries.

And we stay motivated because it feels good to be healthy. We feel like poo if we break from the norm too much. And that’s a real good reminder to stick with our plan.

Technically, our “plan” has just always been our lifestyle.

Eating Well On The Road: The Most Important Aspect Of Staying Healthy

Eating well is more important than exercise as far as your health is concerned. So, if you take only one thing away from this article. May it be to make clean eating your priority over all others.

I’ve said it a million times over the decades,“you CANNOT out exercise a bad diet!”

Do You Need A Gym?

No. And we owned a great gym for twenty years. We were spoiled. But, body weight movements, bands and a medicine ball on the road are enough to stay fit and strong.

I was fortunate at one of our Boondockers Welcome stays to stumble across an outdoor gym in their back yard. I made use of it three times before departing that location.

But I do not use gyms on the road. Perhaps I should just for a workout and a long shower. Emphasis on long shower!

There’s copious amounts of information out there on band, body weight and medicine ball routines. Anything will work. You just have to do it!

Here’s a list of the equipment we carry with us in the trailer for exercise.

What Counts As Exercise?

Uphill hike

An uphill hike in UT certainly raises the heart rate.


If it raises your heart rate or strains your muscles in a good way, it’s exercise. So find what you love and do it!



I hope these suggestions have giving you some ideas as to how you can stay fit and healthy in your RV. Or in your sticks and bricks for that matter.
Have you found a different way to stay fit on the road?
Join us as we reset our journey