Last Updated on 07/22/2023 by Glynn Willard

There’s very little to gain from comparing yourself to others.

But there’s a lot to gain from comparing yourself to a younger version of yourself.

If we’re talking about your business, then your business’s previous quarter or year rather than another business.

Comparing Yourself With Others Doesn’t Help

This is something that I was very infrequently guilty of when we were building and maintaining our first business, Paradigm Fitness.

I believe I was so focused on my purpose and goals that I ignored the few others that were doing the same thing.

After a decade, a lot more competition arose and I still ignored them and focused on our client base.

This proved to be the best practice.

Think about it. If you focus your energy on your competitor, how would you get ahead?

Exactly the same as if you had been ignoring your competitor in the first place.

We can only focus on so many thing. Why not manifest all of your energy into focusing on your business instead of spending some on worry and anxiety.

After our reset to fulltime RV travel, I was still able to maintain that mindset for the most part.

But then we started producing our Reset You Journey channel and I got sucked into comparing ourselves to other similar channels.

It was hard not to compare when there’s a hundred times more competition than our old business.

Fortunately, Rose would remind me to stop comparing and focus more on the growth of our own channel compared to a previous analysis.

She was right. But why was I comparing in the first place?

I believe the channel was not yet in alignment with our true purpose. It matched our values, but how was it really helping people feel better?

Perhaps on a superficial level it was, but that’s not enough.

Fortunately, over time, our channel began helping others who wanted to sell everything and start living fulltime in a camper.

When you find your purpose, help others and stop comparing yourself to anyone but yourself, life really starts to flow.

Takeaway: Only compare yourself to a younger version of yourself.
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