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Who is responsible for your outcomes? You are!

Let’s take a moment to cover a few key factors that will have a powerful impact on your life.

I’m talking about taking full ownership!

Taking Ownership Of Four Key Factors In Life

Taking full ownership of several key factors in your life can set the stage for fulfillment and success.

For many, embracing full accountability is easier said than done. But with some introspection, one can start down the path to taking ownership of what I believe to be the most important key factors.

  • First, take ownership of your decisions.

    Own your decisions.
    If your decision leads to a negative outcome, own it! And of course if your decision leads to a positive outcome, humbly own it.

    I’m in the habit of pointing out my own mistakes before anyone has the opportunity to remark.

    By doing so, I learn to course correct and respect is earned.

    If you have kids, make it a habit to own your mistakes in front of them.

    This paints a picture for them that it’s okay to screw up (within reason) and immediately hold themselves accountable.

    They can then course correct with or without guidance.


  • Second, take ownership of your personal health.

    Take ownership of your health.
    I feel very strongly that a disregarded body cannot house a brain fit to excel in life.

    If you’re out of shape, own it and do something about it. No one but yourself is responsible.

    This will no doubt offend a lot of people. I’m not sorry.

    Every bite one eats and every bout of exercise (or no exercise) is a decision.

    If laziness and overindulgence is the decision, other criteria in life tend to follow suit.

    And they’re generally not great outcomes.

    Own it and make your health a priority. Success in other aspects of life will follow.


  • Third, own your relationships.


    A relationship involves you and at least one other person. Own the fact that your contribution to the relationship generally yields an equal return.

    We all know the saying, “it takes two to tango!”

    If you screw something up in the relationship, immediately take ownership.

    By doing so, conflict is usually extinguished before it burns out of control.

  • Fourth, own your wrongdoings.

    Own your mistakes.
    If you piss someone off based on a poor judgment call, own it.

    Immediately step up and apologize. We’re all guilty of poor judgment on occasion.

    The difference comes down to owning it and apologizing versus allowing someone to remain upset because you have too much pride.

We can apply the concept of “own it” to so many facets of life.

The more habitual owning the outcome is for you, the less often you’ll encounter negative outcomes.

Acknowledging a mistake or our personal responsibility can be attributed to more positive outcomes and success in life.

Are you ready to take full ownership of “you?”
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