Last Updated on 07/28/2023 by Glynn Willard

Before one can reset their lives, they need to proceed with a well engineered plan.

The decision to reset can happen overnight. But outlining a solid plan and moving forward can take longer than sometimes expected.

The key is to understand this and just get started. Work on the reset every day until you’re where you want to be in life.


Proceeding With A Well Engineered Plan


So you have a target. A goal that aligns with your purpose, if you will.

Now, what’s your plan for getting there?

The concept of proceeding with a well engineered plan means preparing in advance for some of the more obvious potential failures.

I’m not talking about adopting a mindset that moves away from things you don’t want.

This is no different than carrying a spare tire. Do you plan on a flat tire? No, but you can certainly be prepared.

Consider as many things as possible that could go wrong and have an action plan ready to go.

It also helps to minimize anxiety.

Again, I’m not talking about dwelling in the “fear mode,” just being realistic and prepared.

Think about how a plan “comes together” for The A-Team…

It’s also important that the plan be as simple as possible.

Most complex plans tend to be unsuccessful. Especially if there are multiple people involved.

It’s essential to make sure the lowest common denominator of those following the plan fully understands every aspect.

Again, simplicity is easy to execute, measure and course correct as you make progress.

So, keep it simple!

Accepting The Realistic Amount Of Time A “Reset” May Take


You can redefine your purpose overnight, but your ultimate “reset” can take months to years.

As the years go by and the population’s attention span shortens, this concept may be more difficult to stomach.

But time will always progress along at the same rate.

I want to add another aspect to time and resetting.

Sometimes a reset comes in stages.

When we set out to fulltime in an RV and ultimately produce a YouTube channel, we knew that we didn’t want to continue full-time forever.

We wanted to eventually have a small, low overhead home base with the ability to come and go when the mood struck us.

This meant the initial phase was to spend several years on the road producing content.

Then find a home base fitting the mentioned criteria.

At the time of writing, we’re in phase two of expanding the blog, building another business and preparing to find a small home base.

The point I’m trying to make is a necessity to understand that a reset can occur over several phases.

And these phases can take longer than planned or expected. So, be prepared to remain outside your comfort zone longer than anticipated.

Of course, if you’re changing careers that take you to a new location, the reset could happen over three to six months rather than three to six years.

Here’s the interesting thing about the stages and time in our personal reset.

Since we’re far more flexible in our current situation, we notice more opportunities.

In fact, two fantastic opportunities presented themselves during our first phase.

The first opportunity is a growing blog and channel [link] that will hopefully help a lot of people.

The second opportunity involves partnering in a small manufacturing business building vestibular conditioning and rehabilitation equipment.

This partnership will allow us to beef up our finances while growing the blog and channel.

Are you ready to reset your life knowing it may happen over a longer time in phases?
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