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Think For Yourself

We’re all guilty of parroting back the thoughts of others. Why?

First of all, it’s easy when you sincerely agree with their thoughts.

Secondly, many don’t bother breaking down the circumstances and evaluating what we know to be fact or at least realistic.

I might as well add an additional reason. Few of us (including me) have the true ability to validate fact from a skewed fact.

And this is by no means a reflection of anyone’s intellect. No one is born with expertise.

Ignore The News


This is why I strongly suggest ignoring the news and propaganda regardless of how difficult it is in today’s society.

Even if you ignore the news, others will parrot back what they’ve heard and present it as fact.

But before you agree or disagree with someone’s “interpretation” of the news, stop and think for several seconds before responding verbally (or to yourself) regardless of whether you agree with them or not.

  • Do I know this to be fact?

  • What’s the source?

  • What benefit is there for whoever is reporting the news?
  • Is it fear based?

In order to own your thoughts, you have to stop and make the above considerations.

That is the first step for you to control your own thoughts.

A Story About The News

Bombay Hook
I remember when I was taking the deep dive into the phsyiology of metabolism in college and my parents would comment about something they heard on the news about this or that health issue from food.

On occasion, I knew the information to be inaccurate, but it certainly made sense to the viewer.

Only those with expertise in a very narrow field would understand the discrepancy presented.

This is a dangerous situation, because it happens a lot.

Sensationalism has gone too far! As a young twenty-something, I thought to myself, if I know this particular aspect being reported on to be inaccurate, what else is inaccurate?

At that point, I vowed to stop watching any news. That was almost three decades ago.

Every once in a while, I scroll through the newsfeed on my phone out of pure boredom.

Guess what happens?

I find myself growing depressed. I walk a fine line and it doesn’t take much.

Maybe you can relate. I digress.

So best to avoid the news.

Besides, if something horrific is happening, I assure you, you’ll hear about it even if you don’t watch any news media!
Takeaway: Make the effort to think for yourself. Own and control your own thoughts.
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