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RV Living With Kids

RVing fulltime with our kids has been one of the most rewarding experiences for us to date.

Our life photos before RV fulltiming with kids almost seem boring compared to our adventures on the road.

If you’re considering spending a longer duration in an RV with your kids, but are not sure it’s smart, rest assured, it’s a good move!

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11 Reasons RV Living With Kids Is Great


  1. Learning To Interact With Strangers Is A Daily Event

    Adventures with kids.

    Comfort speaking to strangers gains kids really cool experiences.

    The “stranger danger” of the 80’s has created a socially awkward generation. Enough already.

    One very important lesson I learned in business is the ability to speak fluidly and candidly with strangers is a huge asset.

    When you live on the road, your kids will be forced to speak to people they don’t know on a continuous basis.

    What a great opportunity to rehearse one’s social skills!

    Even the most reclusive kids are forced into the opportunity to speak with unfamiliar people.

    What a great way to arm your kids with the one skill that separates mildly successful people from super successful people.

    The ability to speak with strangers!

  3. Meeting Other RV Families On The Road Teaches Quick Relationship Building

    RV living with kids

    RV traveling for kids means fast friends.

    You will definitely meet a lot of fulltime, part time and vacationing families while on the road.

    It makes for a great opportunity to hone the “fast friend” skills.

    And once you have a community of fulltime friends on the road, it’s easy to meet up and camp together.

    The instant common bond of fulltiming is powerful. It reminds me of how we all looked out for one another when riding motorcycles.

    Keep in mind, social media has made it easier to meet like-minded fulltime families. And we certainly rely on it to expand our physical social network.

    It doesn’t hurt that our YouTube channel has cultivated it’s own family, which has been amazing!

  5. Homeschoolong Becomes Roadschooling

    RV living with kids.

    Geology becomes tangible when roadschooling.

    What’s great about roadschooling? When you immerse yourself and your traveling home in different geological locations, geology becomes tangible.

    Also, visiting historical sites has a much larger impact on a child’s memory than a textbook.

    Boondocking means free camping, which allows us to budget more money for museums and educational events.

    A side benefit to boondocking: getting schoolwork done in the RV is distraction free. Any homeschooling parent can appreciate that statement.

    Boondocking just outside a national park and spending a lot of time there exploring and participating in the Junior Ranger Program has its benefits!

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  7. Ample Space To Run And Play

    If you boondock with your kids, they can literally be part of the natural environment.

    They can run far, dig deep, get dirty and explore cool natural features.

    That sure sounds better than a paved or gravel space right next to your neighbor that isn’t even free!

    There’s almost always plenty of space for kids to be kids and run free!

    Campgrounds are not always as accommodating, but there’s almost always open space for children to run and play.

  9. Plenty Of Outdoor Exercise

    A lot of the time, we find ourselves boondocked near a trail head.

    This translates into easy natural excursions into nature. The kids get great exercise hiking different terrain.

    Of course they do whine on occasion, but it helps strengthen them physically and teaches resilience.

    And importantly, it also allows them to develop a deep respect for nature.

  11. You Get To Spend A Lot Of Time With Your Kids

    How to roadschool

    Zach’s intro to a commercial drone pilot’s license.

    I believe most parents value quality time spent with their kids. RV living with kids makes this very achievable.

    Seriously, no one laid on their deathbed and stated, “I wish I had spent less time with my kids.”

    Sure it can be difficult to always be in close proximity, but honestly, we haven’t had any real issues.

    Maybe it’s because Rose is such a kind, gentle soul and the boys have acquired that trait (thankfully).

    Regardless, the opportunity to spend quality time together is almost always there unlike living the busy “sticks and bricks lifestyle.”

    If we need space, we each pick up a book, tablet or computer to engage digitally for personal time.

  13. Fulltime RV Kids Are Wowed Over And Over

    RV living with kids

    One of the many National Parks we visit in our RV.

    It’s easy to blow a kids mind a few times in the same place. But any kid grows tired and bored of the same things quickly.

    But when you’re constantly on the move discovering new things, the “wow” from your children never gets old.

    Whether it’s a new water fall, hike, national park, museum, mountain, awesome piece of architecture or cool new person we meet, it just keeps happening!

    Are you starting to get the idea that part time or fulltime RV living with kids rocks!?

  15. Their Childhood Memories Will Be Supercharged
    RV living with kids.
    Think back to your childhood memories.

    Do you remember your vacation highlights more vividly than the mundane day-to-day events of living in a house?

    I bet I know the answer.

    Now imagine your child’s memory ten, twenty or fifty years later of all the amazing adventures they enjoyed exploring in an RV!

    What better gift can you give them!?

  17. RV Kids Learn How To Conserve Water And Power
    Whether you’re boondocking or in a campground, resources are limited in an RV.

    Where else can you teach your kids not to waste these resources so effectively. OK, perhaps tent camping.

    When you’re boondocking, all resources have to be used stringently and managed acutely.

    This has a real (positive) impact on children. Our kids take fast “Navy” showers, turn their lights off and regulate their own data usage.

    How many parents in a modern sticks and bricks house can say that about their kids?

    Resources are not unlimited and this lifestyle puts our kids ahead of the social curve in that department.

    Could it be good for your kids too? I believe so!


  19. Kids Who RV Grow Up To Be More Adventurous

    The adventures of RV living is contagious and easily passed on to kids.

    Their expectations and drive for seeking more great experiences throughout life grows to a greater level than most of societies.

    Who doesn’t want their kids to grow up not only with the nomadic skill sets, but also with the drive to use those skills.

    I expect our boys will seek out new adventures throughout their life and refuse to settle for the mundane.

    This is exactly what I want for my kids!

  21. Fulltime RV Kids Learn The Skills Of Nomads

    Moochdocking with friends.

    Moochdocking with friends in Wisconsin.

    I mentioned this earlier, but the ability to be a nomad is a powerful skill set to carry throughout life.

    One never knows when everything in their life can fall apart.

    What if they’ve already learned to be resilient and able to pick up and move to better serve their well being.

    Once again, these are skills I want my children to carry throughout life!

Have you lived in an RV fulltime or part time with kids?
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