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Coordinates For Sacramento Pass BLM Campground
39°07’13.3″N 114°18’20.4″W
We used this BLM campground as a base camp for exploring Great Basin National Park.

The location is perfect!

There’s a lot of turnover and a lot of spots to choose from if you continue up the hill.

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    Sacramento Pass BLM

    The Boondocking Details


  1. Time Of Year Visited This BLM Site
    Mid May.

  3. Permit Required To Camp At Sacramento Pass?

  5. Run By Which Government Agency?
    Bureau of Land Management

  7. Presence Of Law Enforcement On This BLM Land?
    We only stayed three nights and did not notice any law enforcement or rangers.

  9. Road Conditions In And Out Sacramento Pass Campground
    All roads are passable by any type of vehicle without issues.

    We did take our 4×4 F250 on some of the Jeep trails at the top of the hill in an effort to pick up a cell signal.

    I would not advise any non-4×4 of vehicle take the Jeep roads.
    Sacramento Pass BLM

  11. Is Sacramento Pass Big Rig Friendly?
    Yes, all locations are big rig friendly.

    The campground is a big circle and if you proceed up the hill there’s a loop at the end around the equestrian corrals.

  13. Cell Strength & Carriers Off Rt 50
    This is a cellular dead zone!

    We we able to climb the hill and pick up a T-Mobile signal from the UT side to check our email.

    We also found the parking lot for Lehman Caves visitors center inside Great Basin NP to have a strong T-Mobile signal.

    Strong enough to upload a video to our channel!

    In our haste, we did not check for other carriers. We were just happy to finally find a signal.

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  15. Starlink Friendly Sky View In This Part Of NV?
    There’s a view of the horizon to the east at the bottom of the hill.

    If you park your rig at the top of the hill toward the horse corrals, you should be able to obtain a Starlink signal.

  17. Crowds Around Sacramento Pass BLM Campground, NV
    Every spot in the lower section of the campground was occupied, but the turnover was high.

    If you proceed up the hill, there are more options to choose from toward the top (and a marginal cell signal).

    Everyone we encountered, was super friendly.
    Sacramento Pass BLM

  19. Did We Feel Safe Boondocking On This BLM Land?
    We felt safe for the duration of our stay.

    We had no issues with anyone bothering us or our rig/possessions.

  21. Wildlife And Insects In This Part Of Nevada
    There were no pesky insects to disrupt our short stay.

    We did not encounter any wildlife in this spot.


  23. Dump Station And Potable Water Near Sacramento Pass Dispersed Camping?
    There’s a fee based dump station in Great Basin National Park, which also has water.

    If that’s out of the way and you’re heading east, there’s a fuel station/RV park on the NV/UT line that has a dump station.

    It was $5 to use. There was no potable water unless you use one of the overnight RV spots.

    Here are the coordinates:

    39.056795, -114.050054

    Your safest bet for water is Great Basin NP.

    The coordinates for Great Basin NP’s potable water are:

    39.00687, -114.21576

  25. Interpretation And Review Of Boondocking At Sacramento Pass BLM Campground, NV
    Sacramento Pass BLM
    This particular boondocking campground run by BLM suited our needs, but it’s not a place we would go just to enjoy the land.

    It had pit toilets, but they were not appealing to use.

    One particular perk was a large dumpster for trash.

    If you enjoy the fulltime RV living lifestyle, a safe place to dispose of trash is always on the radar.

    All of that said, the dumpsters were overfilled. We ended up cleaning a lot of trash that had blown around the area (twice).

    If you’re plan is to visit Great Basin National Park and you need a place to park for a few days, Sacramento Pass BLM Campground is a good option.
    Find this spot on Boondocker’s Bible boondocking locations map here.

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