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Coordinates For Free Camping At Silver Creek (North and South)
43°14’40.3″N 113°59’44.5″W
The sunsets here were remarkable!

This is a mixture of designated boondocking spots as well as some open land near the creek to park your rig.

This is BLM land that is heavily used for grazing cows. So don’t be surprised if you wake up to a cow staring in your window.

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Idaho Boondocking

The Boondocking Details


  1. Time Of Year Visited
    Late May.

  3. Permit Required To Camp At Silver Creek (North and South)?

  5. Government Agency
    Bureau of Land Management

  7. Presence Of Law Enforcement
    We never came across any law enforcement in the seven nights we spent by the creek.

  9. Road Conditions In And Out Of S Picabo Ln
    The road is passable by a standard passenger car from all directions.

    The open field by the creek has some gnarly tire ruts, but almost any rig should be able to make it into the area.

    Maintenance of the road is ongoing including moistening for dust prevention.

    Regardless of the size of your rig, you’ll find plenty of places to turn around.

    And the main dirt road (S Picabo Ln) can be accessed from either Rt 26 or Rt 20.

  11. Is Silver Creek (North and South) Big Rig Friendly?
    Dispersed camping in ID
    Yes, but I would not take a 42′ high end Class A into the field by the creek. It can be done, but it will be rough on the suspension.

    Most Class C’s, fifth wheels and travel trailers will be fine.

    The designated dispersed spot with the mini pavilions will not fit big rigs and there’s minimal turnaround.

    Make sure you check the satellite images before you enter Silver Creek dispersed camping area.

  13. Cell Strength & Carriers Around Silver Creek
    All cell carriers are really well represented.

    Our T-Mobile hotspot was “rip-roaring” fast! The antenna is visible from the camping area and it’s definitely not overcrowded.

  15. Starlink Friendly Sky View?
    Absolutely. There’s a clear view of the horizon.

  17. Silver Creek (North and South) Crowds
    Dispersed Camping in Idaho
    The field was not busy while we were there, but the designated area with the mini pavilions was always full.

    It was crowded with cows for part of our stay.

  19. Did We Feel Safe Boondocking Next To Silver Creek?
    Idaho dispersed camping
    Absolutely. At no point did we feel we were surrounded by shady or suspicious characters.

    Several of the camper vans were inhabited by reclusive individuals who we never saw.

  21. Wildlife And Insects In This Part Of Idaho
    The flys were irritating, but not overwhelming. We didn’t notice many mosquitoes.

    Other than birds or prey, we didn’t see any other wildlife.

  23. Dump Station And Potable Water Nearby?
    The Exxon on the corner of Rt 20 and Rt 26 in the town of Carey has a dump station and fresh water behind the building.

    It’s tight and the only game in town, so the store, pumps and dump area are vey busy. Plan accordingly.


  25. Interpretation And Review Of Silver Creek (North and South)

    Waking up to a beautiful sunrise and the sound of flowing water was amazing.

    The grounds are littered with cow patties, but if you’re not squeamish, they make great campfire starters.

    We were even approached by a legitimate cowboy to give us a heads up that would be releasing their herd of cows the next day near our camper.

    He was kind enough to allow us to record his explanation of BLM land in the video above.

    This is a great location to plant your rig while visiting Craters of The Moon National Monument.

    We would revisit this boondocking location again and again!

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