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Coordinates For Wolf Flats

43°36’11.1″N 111°38’48.5″W
Wolf Flats is an official fee-free BLM campsite, but the road leading to and from the campsite is loaded with dispersed sites.

We chose a site before the campground, but did go out and explore the service roads to get a lay of the land.


    Wolf Flats ID map

  1. Time Of Year Visited This Region Of Idaho
    Mid June.

  3. Permit Required To Camp At Wolf Flats?

  5. Government Agency
    Bureau of Land Management, but as you go further back along the road it becomes US Forest Service land.

  7. Presence Of Law Enforcement On Burns Creek RD
    We stayed two nights and did not notice any law enforcement.

    There was a lot of traffic coming and going, including semi trucks.

  9. Road Conditions In And Out Of Burns Creek RD
    The road is passable by any type of vehicle.

    Tune your suspension though since the washboard along the way is pretty gnarly!

  11. Is Wolf Flats Big Rig Friendly?
    Yes, this location is big rig friendly.

    There are spots of all sizes especially back along Forest Rd 217.

    If you go far enough down Forest Rd 217, it changes labels and eventually dumps you back out on E Heise Rd.

    You’ve done a full loop.

    Wolf Flats, ID

    Drive far enough and it becomes National Forest roads and offers more dispersed camping.


  13. Cell Strength & Carriers In This Part Of Idaho
    According to our Open Signal app AT&T and Verizon are well represented with dead spots here and there because of the mountains.

    Our T-Mobile phones and hot spot worked great!

  15. Does Wolf Flats Have A Starlink Friendly Sky View?
    No, the spots are amongst the trees and small mountains on the north east side.

  17. Crowds Around Wolf Flats
    It was crowded, but you’d never know outside of the designated campground since the spaces are far apart.

    Like I said earlier, there’s a lot of traffic coming and going on the main road.

    There’s also a lot of spots along the national forest service roads.

  19. Did We Feel Safe Boondocking Off Burns Creek RD?
    We felt safe, but there was some “shady” traffic going by on occasion.

    Regardless, we were left alone.

  21. Wildlife And Insects In This Region Of Idaho
    The fly’s and mosquitoes were really bad!.

    We stayed here to heal from a family bout of dysentery (likely from bad water), so spending time indoors due to the mosquitoes was fine.

    We did not encounter any wildlife in this spot.

  23. Dump Station And Potable Water Near Wolf Flats?
    We used the beautifully maintained dump station next to Idaho Department of Lands office off Rt 26 on the way to Idaho Falls.

    The coordinates are:

    43.54222, -111.96339

    It was easy to pull into and dump, but it was busy, so be prepared to wait.

    Strike up a conversation with another RVer and the time will pass quickly.

  25. Interpretation And Review Of Dispersed Camping Off Burns Creek RD
    For some reason, this location didn’t jive with us. It was too busy and the bugs were overwhelming.

    We’re glad we only stayed for a short duration.

    That said, the spots further back on the US Forest service roads were more appealing.

    We chose the first site that was suitable since our previous boondocking location was less than “big rig friendly.”

    We were still sick and under the circumstances, didn’t have the energy to explore further with our rig in tow.

    If you decide to camp here, do yourself a favor and explore before selecting a “sub par” spot.
    Find this spot on Boondocker’s Bible boondocking locations map here.

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