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Coordinates Foe BLM Rd 1462
37°13’10.2″N 107°41’49.3″W
There are not a lot of boondocking locations close to Durango, CO.

I would not depend on this location to guarantee a space for your camper.

We made the effort to find a spot since we wanted to fulfill our bucket list to ride the Durango & Silverton train.

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Boondocking near Durango

The Boondocking Details


  1. Time Of Year We Visited Durango
    Early July.

  3. Permit Required To Camp Off BLM Rd 1462?

  5. Government Agency
    Bureau of Land Management

  7. Presence Of Law Enforcement On This BLM Land
    We stayed four nights and did not notice any law enforcement.

  9. Road Conditions In And Out Of Rd 1462
    The road is passable by any type of vehicle.
    Dispersed camping near Durango, CO

  11. Is BLM Rd 1462 Big Rig Friendly?
    Yes, this location is big rig friendly.

    There are very few spots available if your rig is large and per usual, there are more options for small campers and vans.

    The road offers many options to turn around if you don’t find a spot.

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  13. Cell Strength & Carriers Around CO Rt 160
    Since the site is right next to Rt 160, all carriers are well represented.

    Our T-Mobile phones worked great!

  15. Starlink Friendly Sky View At This Site?
    Yes, there’s a clear view of the horizon in most directions.

    A few low hills will easily be remedied by an elevated antenna.

  17. Crowds Around BLM Rd 1462
    This is a hot spot for tourists and boondocking locations are slim for the picking.

    We didn’t find any spots and after disclosing to a young couple that we were exhausted after ten hours in the truck, the offered to share.

    Since that time, we have learned our lesson to travel fewer miles on moving days.


  19. Did We Feel Safe Boondocking On Rd 1462?
    We felt safe. There were no suspicious characters.

    All sites are really far apart (unless you share a site out of necessity).

  21. Wildlife And Insects In This Region Of CO
    There were no pesky insects to disrupt our time outdoors.

    We did not encounter any wildlife in this spot likely due to the proximity to the highway.

    BLM land is also open to cattle farmers for grazing.


  23. Dump Station And Potable Water Near Durango
    There’s a dump station with potable water at the Speedway just east of Durango on Rt 160.

    The coordinates are:

    37.269612, -107.912427

    It’s big rig friendly and easily accessible.

  25. Interpretation And Review Of Boondocking Off BLM Rd 1462
    Durango train
    This is active BLM land, so you may end up camping along side a lot of cows. They were a welcome and peaceful site.

    If your intention is to boondock somewhere around Durango, make sure you have a plan A, B and C.

    This was our plan C and it was still a challenge.

    We spent one of the days riding the Durango and Silverton train to fulfill my and the boys bucket list.

    That memory alone made it worth all the effort!
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