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Based on our experience, NO, toilet paper does not belong in the black tank.


Read on to learn why…

We boondocked all over the west for two years and could not risk clogging our black tank.

It’s simple, remove the predominant variable that elevates the probability of clogging and one minimizes the potential for problems.

I believe in prevention.


Toilet Paper In RV Tank

RV toilet paper?
When we first got started fulltiming, we used up the rest of the “RV toilet paper” left over from the previous owner.

It didn’t take us long to realize it should be re-branded as low quality tissue paper.

And we’re all too familiar with the internalized statement, “poo, my finger punched through!”

Yeah, you know it’s happened to you.

It was then that we decided we needed a better solution. And that was to not place any kind of “spent” toilet paper into the black tank.

From my initial analysis, placing toilet paper in the black tank elevated the potential for problems.

We lived in the rig and didn’t need problems that could be prevented.

Why Not Just Use Regular Toilet Paper In RV?

RV toilet paper.
Bottom line, please don’t place regular TP in your black tank.

Clearing a clogged line can be a real challenge and end up costing you a lot in repairs.

On more than one occasion, we’ve come across someone at a dump station clogging up the line trying to blast water through their clean out, unsuccessfully.

And of course I always inquire about the problem. The answer was always the same, “so and so put regular toilet paper in the black tank.”

Please don’t be that person.

Why Not Just Use Camper Toilet Paper?

It’s certainly less probable that a clog will occur, but the potential is still there.

But, and that’s a big but, the use of camping toilet paper could be viewed as bathroom torture.

Like I mentioned earlier, it only took a few rolls to realize RV toilet paper was not for us.

Perhaps one could tolerate it for a short duration, but not fulltiming.

Best Toilet Paper For RV Camping

Again, is RV Toilet Paper necessary? No.

Skip down to see our solution. Ultimately, we believe your favorite toilet paper you use at home is the best choice.

But it can’t be flushed into the black tank.

Since we bought most of our supplies at Walmart (large accommodating parking lots), we just purchased the Great Value ultra strong bath tissue.

It’s surprisingly good quality for being a store brand and well priced.

What’s Our Solution For Using Regular Toilet Paper in RV?

Regular TP in an RV?
Initially, we thought using a small trash can with a flip lid would smell bad.

Turns out, it never smelled bad. And we enjoyed the luxury of soft, strong toilet paper!

This is the exact trash can we used. Yes, it’s an affiliate link, which makes it easier for you to see what I’m talking about.

It would take more than two weeks before it needed emptying.

This was the perfect solution for a comfortable bathroom experience.

What If Someone Accidentally Puts Regular Toilet Paper In The Black Tank

It happens. And as long as it’s not habitual, it’s not a problem if you let it “simmer.”

There’s an easy solution. A few days before dumping the tank, add several cups of borax to your black tank.

It will elevate the pH and soften the contents. That measurement is haphazard. In other words, just dump some of the box down the toilet.

Also, before dumping, add additional water to the black tank to increase the output pressure.

That should help minimize the risk if someone accidentally placed regular toilet paper in the black tank.

Wrapping Up RV Toilet Paper

No, we’re not wrapping our RV in toilet paper. That’s just not nice!

Bottom line:

Find a small trash can to put next to the toilet. Make your bathroom experience comfortable rather than a topic of conversation.

You won’t regret the decision.
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