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Selling your RV to a dealer is a viable option. But there are some caveats.

Read on to learn from our experience selling our RV to a dealer.

At some point, those who own and love RV’s will have to part ways with their rig. Maybe it’s time for an RV upgrade or maybe you’re done with the lifestyle.

For whatever reason you have, there are several options for moving on from your current RV.


What Are My Options When Trying To Sell My RV?


  • Sell it privately.

  • Sell it to a dealer.

  • Consign it with a dealer.

  • Donate it to a worthy cause for a tax deduction.

  • Roll it off a cliff… wait, is that wrong?


Sell Your RV To A Dealer


Selling our ORV to a dealer.

This the easiest option. First, find the right dealer. Try this in your search quarry:

  • Dealers who buy used RV’s near me

  • Who buys used RV’s near me?

This will quickly find dealers to sell your RV to who are local. Call to first discuss the potential sale and then make an appointment. Avoid showing up with your rig without an appointment.

Keep these considerations in mind:

  • Weigh the future cost of ownership vs selling the RV for less (insurance, upkeep, potential payments & depreciation).

  • You’re intelligent and can factor the monthly rate of the first three. A quick google search to calculate the current wholesale worth will help you calculate the rate of depreciation for your RV.

JD Powers is the go to to determine your rigs value. It will be essential to know these numbers regardless of whether you sell your RV privately, trade it, sell it to a dealership or donate it.

Bottom line, if you want to sell your RV fast without complications this is the way to go.

My Experience Selling My RV To A Dealer

Are you here to learn how to sell your RV to a dealers? This is my personal experience selling my travel trailer to a dealer near me.

I found a few local dealerships online and stopped by the first. They were vague and offered little insight about the potential experience.

I called the second dealership and left a message with their buyer. I was contacted within twenty-four hours and immediately had a solid rapport with the buyer.

He didn’t beat around the bush, was honest and suggested I make an appointment to bring it in.

He offered to give me numbers to either consign the travel trailer, buy it or suggest a price for private sale. Easy enough.

He emailed and reminded me to bring the title, proof of insurance and everything that went with the trailer just in case.

When I showed up, he took the time to inspect the rig, discuss my expectations and offer advice.

Based on the customer service, I had already decided to use this dealer regardless of the offer.

His offer to buy the RV was more than he quoted as a potential on the phone. A clear indication he was very interested in our “hard to come by” Outdoors RV.

Some of our epic adventures in our rig.

He also suggested a consignment price, but honestly, I wanted a quick transaction. Keep this in mind, a dealers first offer will be their lowest. Always counter offer!

I countered with a fair asking price and he accepted. I signed the title, a bill of sale and he issued a check. We then went over any concerns for the next buyer.

He also assured me our Reset Your Journey YouTube graphics would be removed before listing the trailer.

When I checked the website a few days later, he had listed the trailer for the exact amount he suggested for the consignment. Fair enough!

The boys pose for one final picture with their home on wheels.


Where Can I Sell My RV Fast?

Here’s a list of options to sell your RV quickly without a lot of hassle. Yes, you’ll bank less dough, but there is a price for “easy.”

  1. An RV dealer close to you.

  3. will buy RV’s that are not too old. At the time of writing this article, it was 2002 and later.

  5. Good Sam (the RV membership organization) will manage the sale of your RV through its network of RV dealers.
    There are several other online options. If you choose this route, approach it cautiously, do your homework and stick with recognizable organizations.

    What Paperwork do I Need To Sell My Camper?

    Title, proof of insurance (if a dealership), lien papers (if a dealership) and a pre-formatted bill of sale suitable for your state.

    And when I say your state, it refers to the state in which the RV is titled.

    Also, don’t forget to cancel your insurance coverage the day following the sale.

    Best Way To Sell RV By Owner

    Unless you have a potential buyer you know locally, you need to market your rig. The go to platforms are RVtrader and RVT.

    They’re not free, but the cost is minor compared to the number of potential buyers the sites attract.

    Facebook marketplace is another option. We used to be fans, but lately, it seems like its a landing pad for scammers.

    If you’re going to go the Facebook approach, the best practice is to join an FB page specifically for your type of RV and list it there once you’re approved.

    By the way, does craigslist still get used???

    Yes, you can still park it and hang a sign on it, but this can ultimately be a very slow process. You already know this.

    Sure you will make more money, but selling a motorhome privately, comes with its own complications.

    • Fraudulent monetary transactions. Please do yourself a favor and meet at your bank to finalize the transaction.

    • Tire kickers. Yes, we’re all guilty of this one way or another. But when someone wants you to take the time to show your RV, but they really just wanted to compare it to another model, it can be a real waste of time.

    • Internet based scam. We all know the potentials and the damage this has done to honest individuals who are both buyers and sellers.

    • Test driving or towing your rig. Do you trust this individual to maneuver your RV? There’s a serious skillset that is required to drive or pull and RV.

    • Motor vehicle and paperwork complications. In most states, if there is no lien on your rig, signing the sale section on the back of the title as well as the bill of sale and mailing them to motor vehicle is easy.
      You’ll need two copies of the bill of sale. One for the buyer and one for the seller.
      But, if you want minimal complications, have the purchasing party join you after the bank transaction at your local motor vehicle.

      Be nice and pay for their temporary tag to make it worth their while.

      This is the only way to immediately release your liability of the rig without any headaches (except the lines at motor vehicle).

    The easiest way to sell your motorhome or trailer “semi-privately” is to consign it at a dealership. Yes, they may take a percentage, but they also deal with all the potential issues I listed above with a private sale.

    Consignment is the way to go if you’re not in a hurry.

    Our last photo of our rig. Yes, I had tears.


    Donate Your RV

    If you itemize your taxes and have a decent income, there may be more value in a donation than the hassle of selling. This is especially true if someone else manages your taxes.

    Keep in mind, your deduction may be less than you expect.

    Also, if you’re unsure as to whether donating your RV would be tax advantageous, it probably won’t be. You’ll know if your accountant suggests you look for additional tax deductions.

    A quick Google search will deliver plenty of options to make a donation.

    I cannot write about the experience directly, so let me know in the comments if you have donated your RV.

    Getting Rid Of Your RV Takeaways

    Ultimately, the choice is yours how your sell your RV. I hope I’ve given you some items to consider when deciding whether to privately sell, use a dealership or donate your rig.

    I also hope the outcome suits you well.
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