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What Is Work Camping Like?


Work camping was a great experience for us, but there are some considerations for you to address.

Read on to learn about our experience with our work camping resort job.
The story:
As my phone rings, I see it’s Rob of “The Mad Nomads,” so I excitedly pick up. After pleasantries, he gets right to the point.

“I’m working in the kitchen at The Palms RV Resort in Yuma and we need another workcamper in the kitchen.

Any interest?

My first thought was, No way!

We’re not interested in RV work camping jobs since we boondock for free.

And I don’t want to work on anything else other than the channel and this website.

They needed me as soon as possible, but we were almost 3000 miles away. This all made for a tough decision.

Should we work camp for a free campsite and a few great perks?


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We Said Yes To RV Workcamping Because RYJ Is About Overcoming Challenges

I have to admit, I was very reluctant. But we had overcome so many challenges this far into this lifestyle, it seemed like a good next step.

Why not step outside my comfort zone, do some hard work for someone else, and learn a few new skill sets?

Keep in mind, that this gig is in a resort. So the additional amenities didn’t hurt and we loved the surrounding area.

I’d worked in kitchens before, so this couldn’t be that difficult, could it???

Turns out, it was a good time and we forged a few lifelong friendships.

Fine Food

I learned to prepare some wonderful cuisine.


Should You RV Work Camp?

That’s a subjective question, but here are a few considerations that you should weigh before saying yes.

  1. If you prefer to stay in a campground or National Parks, this is a great way to eliminate the cost.
    This was not a selling point for us.

  3. You are trading your time for your spot in the campground potentially for the entire season.
    This was not appealing to us.

  5. You may have to learn new skill sets for different types of work.
    This was a good selling point for us since we like to learn new things.

  7. There might be pay for additional hours of work in addition to your campsite. It will likely be minimum wage.
    This was not an option at The Palms, so it was not relevant to us.

  9. If you are paid, consider the impact of filing a tax return with the state where the campground is located.
    This was not a consideration, since we would not be paid. Also, we were not in AZ long enough to be considered a statutory resident.

  11. What kind of amenities do you have access to in the resort/campground?
    This was a strong selling point since we believed the boys would enjoy all the resort had to offer including some local attractions.

  13. Is it a 55+ community?
    Since The Palms RV Resort is a 55+ community, we had to make sure it was okay to stay there with kids. Fortunately, it was fine.

  15. How long is the work week as well as the overall contract?
    The hours I was required to work fit comfortably into my schedule.

  17. If it’s a campground host position, how are your customer service skills?
    I was not being brought on for a camp host job, but I believe all staff at a resort need to have proficient customer service skills.

  19. Are you two a “work camping couple?
    We encountered many husband and wife work campers along our travels.


Kids celebrating

The boys love it here!


The Palms RV Resort Brings The Work Glamping To Work Camping

There’s no question, The Palms RV Resort is really nice. And buying a lot or small casita is very appealing.

The copious amenities offer some very nice activities and relaxation when you’re not working.

So, “scoring” a position in this resort is definitely a good thing.

And the experience may carry weight when applying for other work camping positions.

The Palm RV Resort may be a good option if you’re looking for this kind of environment.

I also want to take it further and express my joy in finding a community of some of the happiest people I’ve encountered in one location.

Most everyone is happy and active.

There’s a lot to be said about surrounding oneself with this many kind and optimistic people.

You Might Feel Like The Help RV Workcamping


Pots and Pans

You might feel like the help.

Yes, there are times I felt like “the help.” It’s almost as though some people who pay to be in the resort look at you in an “inferior light.”

But, with that said, most people showed genuine appreciation.

But I imagine no matter where you work camp or fine seasonal jobs, you should be prepared to feel like a servant in a way.

Again, I’m happy to say, that I only felt that way 2% of the time. Those are some pretty good odds!

​Under similar circumstances when work camping, it’s best just to keep a good attitude and move on.

Other Types Of RV Work Camping To Consider

Private RV parks and resorts are not the only options for work camping.

There are also opportunities at ranches and farms for a season. So if that interests you, look deeper into working for a ranch or farm.

It may not be as common, but some big companies employ work campers seasonally or for a longer period. One you may have heard of is Amazon.

And you’re not limited to Amazon, so look closely if you think work camping could be an option with a large corporation.

The National Park Service has camp host positions, staff for the gift shop, guides, and many other work camping-related seasonal positions.

You can even find work camping jobs at an amusement park!


Are We Happy With Our Decision To Work Camp?


Yuma Sunrise.

Sunrise at the The Palms RV Resort.

Ultimately, yes, we’re happy with our decision to work camp (glampcamping)!
The bottom line, it has opened our eyes to another way to afford full-time RVing.

But most importantly, we made a lot of new friends and I (Glynn) learned some cool new skill sets!

We would consider doing it again in the future.
Would you consider an RV work camping job or “work glamping?”

Happy and safe travels!

Oh and happy workcamping!
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