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Are ORV’s Quality Trailers? Our Outdoors RV Reviews

Looking at the industry standard as a whole, we believe Outdoors RV Manufacturing builds quality recreational vehicles.

Yes, every manufacturer, including ORV has their issues.

But ORV, based on our user experience and involvement with the ORV community, has fewer issues than many other manufacturers.

We’ve also had the opportunity to get acquainted with the owners and communities of many other travel trailer manufacturers as a comparison.

And there’s no shortage of RV shows and dealerships we’ve toured for which to compare our ORV.

Let’s get rolling into our personal Outdoors RV Review.

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Why Are We Reviewing Outdoors RV Manufacturing?

Outdoors RV trailer
We feel like after living in an ORV and boondocking off the beaten path all of the Western United States for two years, our experience might help you make an informed decision.

We showed our ORV no mercy and put it through the wringer!

It held up like a champ and asked for more.

Incidentally, this was our first time owning a travel trailer.

So that made us ignorant of the fact of how good we had it with our ORV for the first year.

After some time on the road, we realized we had made the best decision by seeking out a different series of RV.

And that would be an Outdoors RV.

Why Did We Choose An Outdoors RV?

Before we went full-time, we did a great deal of research based on the type of dry camping we wanted to do.

Not unlike what you’re doing right now.

Since I was accustomed to backpacking and back-country camping, I wanted to get us off the beaten path.

So first thing, I learned everything I could about boondocking on BLM land and US Forest land as well as the most suitable rig for the terrain.

I settled on ORV and began the hunt for a used model with a top and bottom bunk for the kids.

I found one in New Hampshire and made the long drive from Delaware.

Success! We were now proud RV owners of a 2017 Black Rock Backcountry 23 BKS.

It checked all the boxes.

As a bonus, the previous owners were instrumental in teaching us the ins and outs of ORV. Great people!

How Did We Use Our Backcountry Series ORV?


At first, while we were learning the ropes of towing and RVing, we only stayed at Boondockers Welcome locations and state parks.

As we embraced the outdoor lifestyle more and more, we began honing our skill at finding boondocking locations.

It was winter at the time, so we found ourselves in beautiful desert landscapes off the beaten path.

By the second year, we had aced boondocking and found our ORV’s large fresh water capacity to allow us to stay put and dry camp for up to ten days.

We were maneuvering our ORV into some gnarly locations that I would never consider taking a competitor’s travel trailer.

The real outdoor adventures had begun!

And our Outdoors RV 23 BKS made all of this possible!

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Who Owns Outdoors RV Manufacturing?

Outdoors is a wholly owned subsidiary of Northwoods Mfg (Arctic Fox and Nash).

It was founded in 2009 by owners Ron and Sherry Nash.

The factory is located in La Grande, Oregon in a picturesque mountain valley.

When you build an RV in the Pacific Northwest near Western Canada, it only makes sense to build it for rugged snow adventures and cold weather.

The company focus is to build trailers for the Pacific Northwest.

If you read between the lines, that means they’re rugged and well-insulated.

How Is The Overall Quality Of ORV?


The floor plan for our ORV.

The first time I walked into an ORV (the used Backcountry series I purchased), I was shocked at how solid everything felt.

  • The cabinetry was real wood (not OSB) and felt solid.

  • When I closed the door, it gave the impression of a well-insulated house door.

  • The frame was extra thick and heavy-duty.

  • Despite only being 23′ inside it felt spacious.

I was impressed, to say the least.

It was a no-brainer to make a fair offer on the 23BKS.

Our new (to us) ORV towed very well all the way home to DE from NH.

Yes, we had made the right decision!

Overall, we found the build quality to be better than a lot of alternative brands on the market.


What Did We Like About Like About Our ORV Trailer?


ORV gathering

Enjoying the ORV meet up in Arizona.

There was a lot we liked about our ORV.

Again, since we were new to the lifestyle, we didn’t know how good we had it.

The aspects of our ORV we liked the most during our ownership were:

  • How well it stood up to our abuse.

  • We could go almost anywhere because of its off-roading capability.

  • The large capacity of the freshwater and waste water tanks.

  • A gravity fed filling port to the freshwater tank made it easy to get water from a lot of sources.

  • We liked the large capacity propane tanks. The less frequent filling is a real convenience.

  • The layout was spacious for a smaller trailer. This is the case for all of their floor plans.

  • The arched ceiling gives a more “roomy” feeling.

  • There’s plenty of storage for all of your travel possessions.

  • Residential height countertops are really nice when you’re full-time.

  • We liked that the shower pan was more of a bathtub, eliminating a lot of water on the floor.

  • There were rarely any problems. I have to attribute some of that to my meticulous preventative maintenance routine.

  • Whenever we communicated with ORV Manufacturing directly, the customer service was excellent!

  • The ORV community is full of well-educated, fun and helpful individuals.

This list could go on, but I think it gives you a good idea of the type of travel trailer you’re researching.

What Didn’t We Like About Our Outdoor RV?

If we could change anything about our ORV, it would be the interior color.

The only option (currently) is dark cabinetry.

We like the look, but after a while, one begins to crave a brighter environment.

Next, and this is my personal preference, I would love to see an aluminum frame to minimize the level of corrosion over time.

​It would also help reduce the tongue weight.

I realize this would add to the price, but when I look for quality, I don’t shop by price.

Lastly, the cargo-carrying capacity is good for ORV (better than most), but it could still be better.

What Are The Best Standard Features Of ORV?


Our solar set up

340 watts of solar keep our batteries charged.

ORV currently sells the following models of travel trailers, fifth wheels, and toy haulers, all with different trim levels:

  • Creekside: This is a smaller and lighter trailer with the option for the Mountain Series or Titanium Series trim package.

  • Timber Ridge: The Outdoors RV Timber Ridge is a versatile trailer and more rugged, moderately weighted trailer with the option for Mountain Series or Titanium Series Package.

  • Blackstone: A heavier more rugged trailer weighing more than 7k lbs.

  • Backcountry: This is what we had. It’s a heavy, rugged trailer with an upgraded off-road suspension system, a generator, and additional solar. It can be upgraded to the Titanium Series as well.

  • Trail Series: ORV’s version of a toy hauler with the ability to carry a lot more weight, offered in Mountain Series or Titanium.

  • Glacier Peak: This is ORV’s fifth wheel. It’s for those with the towing capacity of a heavy, rugged trailer. It’s also available in either Mountain Series or Titanium.

Below are some of our favorite standard features, but rather than try to list every option, it’s first better to explain how ORV organizes its trailers and packages.

The models are listed above. Once you decide on the most appropriate size trailer for you, you can explore models within those sizes and weights.

To use an analogy, let’s compare the system to Toyota.

First, there’s Toyota, then there are different models for different purposes (Sienna, Tundra, Camry, etc.) and finally each of the vehicles has a trim level.

That’s how ORV is organized. The different trailers are specific to different needs, each with its own trim level available on some of the trailers (Mountain Series or Titanium).

Make sense?

The features we liked best on our ORV:

  • A capable suspension system, albeit if improperly maintained, can exhibit problems. Maintain it properly and it’s great!

  • Water capacity is the determining factor for the length of time off-grid. We love the standard large freshwater tank in ORV!

  • This is not a feature, but all the systems were simply laid out and easily accessible for maintenance and repairs (water pump, plumbing, electrical, etc.)

  • All units come with some solar and batteries. We had just enough to run the DC system. This has improved with newer units.

  • Large propane tanks standard also allows more time off-grid.

  • The large amount of insulation kept us cool in the heat and warm in the winters without using a ton of resources (propane and electricity).

Knowing what you now know, you can better understand the options laid out on ORV’s website.

What Are The Available Options For ORV?

Many of the upgradeable options come standard with the Titanium Series package.

But there are a few extras that you can add to some of the trailers.

They include:

  • Heating pads for the freshwater tank (which is already insulated from the elements).

  • Power stabilizer jacks.

  • Upgraded mattress. We upgraded ours with a ZINUS 6-inch “mattress in a box.” It was amazing! Yes, that’s an affiliate link to show you what we mean.

  • Maxxair fan upgrade.

  • A 600-watt solar upgrade.

  • A 1000-watt solar upgrade.



Can You Tour The Outdoors RV Factory?

We’ve encountered many owners who have toured the factory with good feedback.

I’m not certain if it’s still an option, but in the past, you had to schedule a tour by calling the office at 541-624-5500.

If you’re in the area of La Grande, OR and you’re an ORV enthusiast, it might be worth a call.

What Problems Are Typical With ORV Products?


Old MorRyde CRE3000

A worn out MorRyde CRE 3000.

The only problem that seems to be pervasive in the ORV community is unusual tire wear on the rear driver’s side tire.

This is what I meant earlier about properly maintaining the suspension system.

It wears out quickly and some of the tires end up misaligned enough to amplify the wear on the tire that takes the brunt of some turns.

I’m referring to the rear driver’s side tire.

We did not encounter anyone with issues resulting from sub-par quality.

What Are Some Good Alternatives To ORV?

Stick within the Northwood family such as Arctic Fox or Nash if you’re looking for great insulation.

If you’re looking for heavy-duty, but lightweight, look at ATC.

​Another great option if there are only two of you is Oliver Travel Trailers.

Sticking with the style of Outdoors RV, those are the best alternative manufacturers.

Wrapping Up Our Outdoors RV Reviews


We genuinely believe that Outdoors RV has the best production trailer for extreme temperatures for backcountry camping.

Because ORV’s are heavy-duty, they have a heavy tongue weight.

I highly recommend your tow vehicle be either a three-quarter or one ton truck.

ORV’s website performance is a little slow, but don’t let that stop you from incorporating ORV as an option to research.

Also, I realize that every manufacturer has some issues with their RVs and that there will always be someone having a bad day on the assembly line.

That’s what warranty work is for. Remember, these are not built by robots like automobiles.

Wishing you good luck on your quest to find the perfect travel trailer for you and your family!
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