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What Is Moochdocking In An RV?

From our perspective, moochdocking is a great way to stay with and visit friends and a favorite family member.

Moochdocking is one of our favorite aspects of full-time RV living.

And I don’t mean moochdocking with strangers, such as Boondockers Welcome or Harvest Hosts. However, that’s a great option.

I mean staying in a friend’s driveway or on a family’s property.

There’s a lot to love about your moochdocking stay, but there are also some considerations that cannot be ignored.


What Does Moochdocking Mean?


Moochdocking with friends.

Moochdocking with friends in Wisconsin.

Some call it driveway surfing (like couch surfing).

But I believe driveway surfing makes it seem like you’re relying on friends and family for a place to stay out of necessity.

To me, that sounds needy and doesn’t make for a good guest.

We like to think of moochdocking as a way to stay with and visit friends and family.

Nonetheless, you’re parking your RV on someone’s property (usually a driveway), sometimes using their electrical connection and water spigot.

What Are The Benefits Of Moochdocking?

Moochdocking is an opportunity to enjoy the company of those you like and love for an extended period while staying in your own space.

We believe moochdocking is the best way to spend extra time at a friend’s house!

We’ve moochdocked with several different friends and it’s always the locations we look forward to the most because it’s such a great time.

That statement says a lot about moochdocking!

And in our opinion, is better than free camping on public land and A LOT better than RV parks.

Aside from that the additional benefits are:

  • It’s free or at least costs very little.

  • There’s a source of clean water for your freshwater tank.

  • You’ll have an easy place to dispose of your trash.

  • They have a washer and dryer. This can be a huge benefit for full-time RVers!

  • You might be able to use the shower in the house. If you full-time and do a lot of dry camping, you know what I mean!

  • There’s a good chance you’ll dine inside with your friends or family. Please bring a bottle of wine.

  • At the end of the day, it’s an excellent way to sleep in your own bed.

  • If you have mechanical work to do to your rig, you may be able to use their tools.

  • If you need a break from family or your friends, you can spend time in your rig and enjoy the privacy and comforts of home.


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Considerations When Moochdocking On Your Host’s Property



Doing some upgrades to the rig while moochdocking in Yuma.

Keep in mind, that you’re boondocking. This means you’ll have to be conscious of your water usage.

Unless they’re already part of the RV community and have full hookups on their property.

More importantly, you should be aware of the local regulations and HOA rules your hosts are subjected to.

Local laws vary by region and community.

Also, consider that you might be an eyesore to their neighbors (unless it’s a rural area).

Aside from that, you’re likely using their power source and water supply.

Please do your best not to be wasteful with their resources and use your power from your solar panels and batteries when possible.

All of these factors should weigh into your decision as to how long to stay.

Of course, the property owner has the final say on your length of stay.

We moochdocked in Ouray, CO, but could only stay for two nights because our host’s HOA only allowed an RV in the driveway for 72 hours. [COLOR]

Shout out and thank you to Alan and Heather!

What to know about moochdocking.

Moochdocking at friends in Ouray, CO.

On the flip side, we stay in Maine with our great friends on their 10 acres of private land yearly for over a month.

And it’s become one of our favorite destinations because it’s such a great experience!

Know Your Local Resources When Moochdocking

Again, since you’re most likely boondocking, you’ll have to live off your fresh water tank and waste tanks.

Albeit, if you’re sharp, you’ll use the bathrooms in your host’s house. If they don’t mind, of course.

Regardless, if you can’t dump your tanks at their house, you have two options:

  1. You can use a septic macerator and a hose to transport “it” into one of their toilets. Yes, that’s an affiliate link to simplify the explanation.


  3. You’ll need to find the nearest public dump station or RV park to dump your tanks, possibly at an additional cost.

Knowing the location of dump stations in advance is the key to planning some logistics about moochdocking in that area.

If you are already full-time, you’ll be used to finding all the local resources of any new location.

But if it’s your first time, plan accordingly.

Suggestions When Moochdocking



Our favorite place to moochdock is with our friends in Maine.

Most importantly, It’s a good idea to give back!

There are always ways to assist and give back in some small way when staying on the property of friends.

Here are some top tips:

  • Chip in toward their electric bill.

  • Assist in the yard work.

  • Help them do a home project they’ve been putting off.

  • Clean their house for them.

  • Take them to dinner.

  • Lastly, if they have kids, watch their kids for an evening to give the parents a night out. That in itself is priceless!

No doubt, you can come up with some additional ways to give back.

It’s also important to take into consideration their sleeping schedule.

If they’re early to bed and early to rise, be considerate and quiet to not disrupt their schedule.

Be mindful if they have kids and act appropriately whenever you’re within earshot.

Don’t be cousin Eddie!


Our Favorite Aspect Of Moochdocking

Think of your best friend. Now imagine parking your house in their driveway for days or weeks of fun and quality time.

That’s the best part of moochdocking and our favorite part.

If you’re fortunate enough to have someone you like well enough to stay with, I think it will become your favorite way to camp and your greatest benefit of moochdocking!

Where’s your favorite place to moochdock?
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